Aruba As a Destination

The best beaches in Aruba

Aruba’s strengths include sunshine, emerald green sea and endless continuous sandy beaches.

Diving and surfing can be enjoyed in Aruba, but it is an equally popular destination among lazy people and sun worshipers. In addition to sandy beaches, the island also has a focus on restaurants and a vibrant casino and nightlife.


Paradise Island in the Caribbean

The island of Aruba, floating in the Caribbean Sea, is an autonomous part of the Netherlands. According to countryaah, Aruba is just over 30 miles long and 10 miles wide, but despite its small size, it is one of the most developed and popular vacation islands in the Caribbean. It is located about 25 kilometers off the coast of Colombia.

Both gold and oil have been mined from Aruba’s soil throughout history, but in recent decades the country’s economy has been largely based on tourism. The most important areas for tourism in Aruba are the west and northwest coasts, where the most popular hotel areas and beaches are located.

Together with Bonaire and Coracao, Aruba forms an entity known as the ABC Islands. Aruba is famous especially for its white sandy beaches and diving opportunities, so it is especially known as a beach resort. The most popular beaches in Aruba are Palm Beach and Eagle Beach. Aruba is also a popular honeymoon destination.

The climate of Aruba

Short for AA by abbreviationfinder, Aruba is one of the sunniest resorts in the Caribbean and you can travel to the island for a vacation all year round. The sun shines on the island from the clear sky almost always, so rain is just getting. The day’s top temperature drops 30 degrees year-round, but the average hottest in Aruba is from May to October.

Due to the constant sunshine and low rainfall, the island’s terrain is quite dry and rugged. Hurricanes occur in the Caribbean in June-November, but most of them orbit Aruba from afar.

Beaches and sun

Aruba’s biggest attractions are the island’s white sand beaches and Caribbean way of life. The beaches of Aruba are clean and well maintained, and you never have to look very far for services on a small island.


The sea water rinsing the coast of Aruba is crystal clear and offers great opportunities for water sports. Scuba diving and snorkelling are some of the island’s most popular activities.

The atmosphere of Aruba is holidaymakers pampered relaxed and uncomplicated. Stunningly colorful and ornate townhouses, Caribbean rhythms and wide-smile locals provide the perfect setting for a relaxing beach vacation.

For a diving holiday to Aruba

Aruba is one of the best known and most popular dive sites in the Caribbean. The water area of ​​the area is crystal clear, making it easy to explore the underwater secrets.

There are several interesting dive sites in the nearby waters of the island, such as shipwrecks, and the most popular of Aruba’s dive sites is the ghost ship Antilles. The latest of Aruba’s shipwrecks is the sinking of Star Gerren in 2000.

In addition to ships, the seabed includes planes and coral reefs. The waters of Aruba are also rich in fauna, so during your diving trip you may come across fish that are great in the colors of the rainbow, for example.

Security in Aruba

The island of Aruba is a fairly safe travel destination with low levels of crime against tourists. However, it is good to follow the same common sense on the island as in any other country: pickpocketing occurs and some urban areas are insecure in the dark.

The island of Aruba acts as a transit point for drugs transported from South America to Europe and North America, so a traveler should keep a close eye on their luggage and not accept anything from anyone for transport.


Flights to Aruba

There are no direct scheduled flights from Finland to Aruba, but flights to the island via a major European city. Flight time to Aruba is about 11-12 hours.

Aruba Airport, Oranjestad Airport, is located near the capital, about ten kilometers from the most popular hotel areas. Flights to Aruba typically cost around € 1,000 to € 1,300.

Hotels and accommodation in Aruba

There are many hotels in Aruba given the size of the island. Most hotels are located around the most popular beaches, Palm Beach and Eagle Beach, as well as the island’s capital, Oranjestad.

Hotel accommodation in Aruba is generally of a high standard and the island also offers plenty of luxury accommodation. Aruba is a popular honeymoon destination, so there are plenty of honeymoon hotels on the island. There is little budget accommodation in Aruba.

A hotel night in Aruba costs on average around € 70-150, depending on the level you want.

Getting around Aruba

The easiest and cheapest way to get around Aruba is by bus. Bus services are regular and busy, especially in popular tourist areas. The approximately 7-kilometer return trip between Palm Beach and Oranjestad costs a couple of euros on a local bus.

You can also take a taxi in Aruba. Taxis on the island do not operate on a meter basis, but there are fixed prices for travel. A trip from Palm Beach to Oranjestad costs about 8 euros. At night, the price is a couple of euros higher.

Car rental is a great way to explore the island on your own and an active traveler can also explore the island by bike. The traffic culture is quite familiar in Finnish, right down to the traffic signs, and the roads are mostly in good condition. Aruba has several car rental companies and many international car rental companies have an office in Aruba. Car rental costs around 30 euros per day.

The best beaches in Aruba


The capital of Oranjestad

The capital of Aruba, Oranjestad, is the most famous travel destination on the island. Located on the west coast, Oranjestad is Aruba’s shopping and nightlife hub with shops, bars and restaurants. The city’s port is a well-known anchorage for cruise ships.

Palm Beach

The long and wide Palm Beach is Aruba’s most popular beach, with many hotels nearby. Palm Beach has many recreational opportunities and many tour operators maintain an office on the beach. In addition to water sports, Palm Beach offers boat trips and horse riding.

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is one of Aruba’s most popular beaches, with many hotels nearby. Eagle Beach is calmer than its northern neighbor Palm Beach.


Aruba is a popular dive site with several shipwrecks resting in its waters. The most famous of the wrecks of Aruba is the German ship Antilla near the northern tip of the island, which sank during World War II. The Antilles are located at a depth of about 20 meters and part of it extends above sea level. Many tour operators offer diving trips to the Antilles.

Flights to Aruba


The best beaches in Aruba

  1. Eagle Beach
  2. Malmok Beach
  3. Baby Beach
  4. Arashi Beach
  5. Palm Beach