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The American state of Florida is located in the southeast of the USA and consists of the Florida peninsula and the mainland part of the Florida Panhandle . The Atlantic Ocean lies on the east coast of Florida and the Gulf of Mexico on the west and south coasts. The surrounding water affects the climate in Florida . It is warmer on the Atlantic coast, which means that Florida has a warm to mild climate all year round. That is why the state is known worldwide as the Sunshine State . Meteorologists divide Florida into two climatic zones: north and south. In the northwest (Tallahassee) and in central Florida (Orlando) the climate is subtropical and humid. In the south (Miami, Florida Keys) there is a tropical and humid climate. According to insidewatch, the driest season is in spring. Florida is the rainy season during the summer months and the state is sometimes hit by hurricanes. Find out below when the best time to travel to Florida , what the climate is like in the various climate zones and further information about the rainy season and the hurricanes in the Sunshine State.

The weather in Florida – about the danger of hurricanes

As I showed you, the weather in Florida is a little different depending on the climate zone. Overall, you can expect warm temperatures all year round in the various regions of Florida. Summer is the warmest, but it is also the rainy season and hurricane season in Florida. In the following I explain to you what the rainy season is like in Florida and what it is like during the hurricane season. How dangerous is it to vacation in Florida at this time?

Rainy season in Florida – you should know that

In the summer months between June and September , most areas of Florida have the rainy season . The precipitation usually falls in the afternoon and lasts from a few minutes to several hours. On particularly humid days they are accompanied by violent thunderstorms and bring out cool air. After the rain shower, the sky opens again and the sun shows its face. During the rainy season in Florida, tropical temperatures prevail around 30 degrees Celsius. Therefore, a vacation in the rainy months is quite possible. Above all, it has the particular advantage that the prices for flights, hotels and package tours are reduced. In addition, there are fewer tourists, so you don’t have to worry about long queues at various sights. Many vacationers are spared hurricanes and heavy rain showers on their Florida vacation in the summer. It makes sense to find out about the weather conditions and possible hurricane dangers before booking.

Fun facts about Florida hurricane season

Florida has had hurricane season . This officially runs from June 1st to November 30th . The so-called tropical cyclones have rainfalls, thunderstorms and strong winds as an effect. Floods are rare, and worse disasters are even less common. Nevertheless, the weather warnings must be taken seriously, if there are any. The worst hurricane over Florida in recent history is Hurricane Katrina in August 2005. It wreaked havoc in the southeastern parts of the United States, especially the Gulf Coast, and was one of the largest natural disasters in the United States. Other major hurricanes in recent years that have caused major damage have been Hurricane Charley in 2004, Hurricane Wilma in 2005 and Hurricane Matthew on October 6, 2016.

The high season of the hurricanes is from the beginning of August to the end of October . The hurricanes arise over the sea. By the time they reach the mainland, they are usually weakened and are characterized by violent thunderstorms with heavy rains. Hurricanes don’t happen instantly. It takes a few days for a cyclone to reach a strength that can be dangerous for the mainland. Hence, hurricanes are measurable. The National Hurricane Center informs the population about the current situation. If a dangerous situation arises, the media will keep you informed.

All hotels, restaurants and other facilities in Florida are prepared for such situations and have extensive safeguards in place in the event of a hurricane . During your vacation you can rely on the local weather warnings. When a dangerous hurricane is approaching, you have enough time to leave Florida so that you are not exposed to a dangerous situation.

The best travel time for Florida

The best time to travel to Florida is clearly from the end of November to mid-May . At this time, little precipitation and mild to warm temperatures can be expected. These are perfect for a Florida vacation. However, traveling in the main season is a bit more expensive. Therefore, many digress to the summer off-season. The disadvantages of summer time are the rainy days and the risk of a hurricane approaching. But you can find out about this in advance. You don’t have to be afraid of an unexpected tropical cyclone on your vacation in Florida. The state has the latest technology to monitor hurricanes and recognizes dangerous situations in good time so that all residents can get to safety. My tip to you is: Find out about the weather conditions in Florida beforehand and then you can spend a dream vacation in Orlando, Miami or the Florida Keys with a clear conscience .

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