Canvas Strap Watches Bring Color to Visual Male

Color swatches are nothing new, since the ‘ 80 and the fever of the Champion that exchanged the plastic bracelet or the various Swatch models, each with your theme, we see this kind of accessory becoming pop from time to time.

Why use?

In fact, it’s all about timing, after all we currently have the wave “preppy” disseminating nautical colors in Accessories, men’s bracelets making the streets and the increasingly connected man in details that could leave your visual cool, in a scenario like this it seems obvious that the watches can be between the functional and decorative, adapting to the new times Since your primary function (marking the time) loses space for gadgets such as smart phones and the like, who do that and more.

How To Use?

A positive point watches with bracelet in canvas is that unlike traditional options (leather and metal) it becomes easy to create an ID with your attachment style and even use it in conjunction with other accessories, working as a visual prop, but taking care not to overdo the amount of knick-knacks and colors, also, make sure that the effort to give an up in look has to do with the said whose Save this resource type to use with casual clothes and/or sports.

In short

  • No news here, but the moment brings the strengthening of preppy or military colors and bracelets and men’s bracelets;
  • This type of bracelet is not as neutral as the leather or metal, but can integrate better with your look;
  • Coordinate with other accessories in your wrist can be nice, but beware of exaggeration;
  • Respect your production and reserve this type of watch for casual/sporty looks.

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