Combine Jeans Looks with Turtleneck Sweaters, Winter Trend

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In The Coolest Season Of The Year, The Combination Of Jeans And Turtleneck Blends A Perfect Pair

Hello guys!

A type of super ordinary sweater when the temperature drops, the turtleneck is always a trend for winter. The pair of jeans with a roller blouse is sure bet this season.

Used in both women’s and men’s clothing, the turtleneck can create wonderful looks full of personality, which will win the taste of the most traditional fashionistas. She is super warm and makes combinations of looks comfortable and stylish.


Collar turtleneck, turtleneck or turtle neck are some names given to the high collar, usually fair and foldable, quite common in sweaters and give a very sophisticated look to any production, and ensure extra comfort, for keeping good warm neck.

This type of collar is super indiscreta since it is able to completely change the look of any production, turning the basic looks into visuals full of attitude and elegance.

The possibility of betting on the most varied overlays, such as denim jackets, coats and jackets, as well as instantly changing the look through a simple manipulation of the collar (which can be used more coiled and low, or very high, covering every neck), makes This artifact is an excellent choice for people who do not like to get stuck in a single style.

Tips For Not Going Wrong In Production

The large rolls made of knitwear look better on women or on men who have a thinner neck (as long as it is not worn very high) as they help balance the look.

The men’s turtleneck sweater features a better fit when fabricated in thin fabric such as cashmere, noting that men who do not have their abdominal fat on time should opt for dark fabrics and less fair cuts.

Those who have a short neck should avoid using this collar because all attention ends up being directed towards this region of the body. Likewise, those with a broader head or very narrow shoulders should escape the turtle neck.

Looks With Jeans

When it comes to making a look with jeans, the turtleneck blouses make a perfect pair. You can use the shorter ones under some coat or just a longer one with a skinny jeans , for example.

See 10 Tips Of Looks With Jeans And Blouse:

  1. Boyfriend jeans with rolled up blouse and high heel
  2. Skinny jeans with colored turtleneck and long coat
  3. Skirt jeans with rolled blouse (those with knit more open) and high boots
  4. Jumpsuits and tight jeans
  5. Short jeans ripped with dark pantyhose, ankle boot, rolled blouse and long coat
  6. Destined jeans with rolled blouse and vest
  7. Flare jeans with tightrope blouse, thick belt and boot
  8. Skinny jeans with long sleeves and high collar and cotton
  9. Jeans hot pants with fair roll shirt and house jacket
  10. Roller blouse with jeans jacket(infallible combination!)

Winter without jeans with a sweater, it’s not funny. Use and abuse!