Create Android obozinho: Androidify

Create Android obozinho: Androidify

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A Google program has been very successful on Android phones. Androidify is an app that lets you create an Android doll with all the accessories and looks you want. Like many flash games to wear a model or put clothes on Barbie, Androidify allows you to do the same with the Android green robot. In fact, it does not even have to be green, because you can change the colors of the Android robot with the application.

Create Android obozinho: Androidify

The application is very simple to use. If you have questions about how to customize your Android avatar, the app gives you a quick tutorial on startup. Items such as hair, beard, skin color, shirt, trousers and accessories like pouch and watch can be incorporated into your robot base. The size of the limbs, body, and head of your robot can also be modified. After all, your creation will very little resemble the original green version of Android’s robozinho!

The image above shows some of the possible customizations. Each avatar you make can be exported, saved, edited, modified. You can even put the stylized little robot as wallpaper for your Android device. It’s cool to be creating several little robots that look like your friends, and send them to you as a little tribute.

Watch the video below and then download Androidify to your Android phone.

t is a program that compensates to have on hand to distract the children, the friends in the table of a bar, or even to impress an interested or interested with a joke, exaggerating a little in the little robot and making a cartune version. With the horrible wallpapers made available by manufacturers and modified Android ROMs , it’s best to make an avatar yourself to customize your device background image.

So, did you test Androidify? What do you think? How were your avatars?