Discover How to Bleach Your Pillow and Mattress Easily

All household items need some maintenance or at least the vast majority, and the pillows were not going to be less.

Undoubtedly, an area susceptible to stains and dirt, and even to the proliferation of mites and bad odors. Forget the yellow pillows with the tips we offer below.

Why This Happens

You may have wondered why the pillows turned yellow. Well, one of the reasons is sweat.

Sometimes, when we sleep, the body sweats and, depending on the type of tissue from which the pillow cover is made, it is easier for sweat to seep through the fabric.

Just when it dries, sweat can end up leaving a yellow stain on the pillow.

Occasionally, even wearing protectors beneath the pillowcase can prevent this annoying yellowish coloration, as well as the accumulation of mites.

For this reason it is vital to do a good cleaning.

All this happens because the sweat ends up being derived in humidity and therefore it finishes creating the perfect environment for the proliferation of mites that can be cause of respiratory allergies or of the skin.

So you know, doing a pillow cleaning is more important than you think. Check your pillows to avoid these possible problems.

Beware Of Sun Exposure

Another reason that can make pillow finish yellow is too long exposure to sunlight.

This can make your pillows turn yellow.

The problem lies in the whitening agents or brighteners that are used to make them look whiter. When exposed to the sun a lot, they begin to break down and make your pillow take on this tone.

So, you know: avoid overexposure to sunlight.

How to Bleach Your Pillow

Pillows should be washed three times a year. With this frequency is more than enough to keep them impeccable.

Of course, before going on to perform the pertinent whitening you will have to make sure that your pillow does not yet look a much yellow fabric, or you will not be able to achieve the desired results.

First, we must prepare a home bleach.


3 liters of water

¼ cup lemon juice (62 ml)

1 cup of hydrogen peroxide (250 ml)


We will mix all the ingredients and reserve for the bleaching process of our pillow.

Then we will elaborate the complete remedy.


Very hot or boiling water

1 cup laundry detergent (200 g) (best if biodegradable)

1 cup dishwashing detergent (200 g) (biodegradable)

1 cup of home bleach

½ cup borax (125 g)


First check the label to confirm that your pillow can be machine washed.

Then you will have to remove the pillowcase or any pillow protector you may have.

Put a washing machine with hot water (even add a couple of pots full of boiling water) and program 2 rinses, if possible.

Add all ingredients in the washing machine.

Then start the washing program of your machine and allow it to stir for a few minutes, until all the detergent is dissolved.

Put the pillows and put a program of washing so that the mixture elaborated previously can provide the expected bleaching effect.

How to Clean the Mattress

The mattress, as with the pillow, also has to have its respective cover and we must wash them in the washing machine, just like we do with the sheets.

Even so, it will be essential to ventilate every week and clean it from time to time to keep it in perfect condition.

To clean the mattress correctly you will have to vacuum it on both sides, so that you can remove the dust and then wash.

If you have spots we can clean them with a mixture of water and baking soda and then rub everything with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide, all in a mixture very diluted in water.

Finally, it will only have to be allowed to air dry.

In case the smell that has remained will not convince us forever we can perfum it lightly. However, this will be a personal matter that depends on the personal tastes of each family.