For What Siri Only It Work on IPhone 4S? The Answer Could Be in The A5 Processor


One of the features of the iPhone 4S has given more to speak has been Siri. A very interesting technology but above all versatile. When they announced the terminal, and its exclusivity for the new model, many wondered why only came to this and not the previous ones as the iPhone 4. The answer to this question appears to be in your processor.

The 4S became the first phone of Apple in brand new chip A5: more power, better performance but with a curious detail in its architecture: was larger than. Somewhat contradictory if we take into account that the trend of other manufacturers goes in the opposite direction, increasingly smaller and more efficient. However, it has its explanation.

Audience is a company dedicated to the manufacture of chips that they reduce noise that picks up the microphone the phone. This technology is present in over sixty terminals: Nexus One, HTC Titan, Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy SII, Sony Tablet S… However this small start-up reached a unique agreement with Cupertino.

Instead of integrating the chip as one element they decided to integrate it within the own A5. In this way, noise reduction technology is greater than that offered by other terminals that have Audience outside the processor. So the A5 which leads the iPhone 4S is so large, first issue resolved. Now let’s look at its relationship with Siri.

Siri as you know works with the introduction of commands by voice. With Audience, its called processing software Ear Smart, and the integration of the components in the iPhone 4S emerges a clear enough speech recognition so that the Apple software is able to recognize what we are saying.

It is true that Siri can be used unofficially in the iPhone 4. However, as you can see, It is not a capricious decision where only the version of the operating system influences. It is a question of components and although works, that works, go away from what the original version with A5.