Four Mobile Phones For The ü60 Party

Cell Phones

The term “Mobile”, one quickly thinks of thick, heavy mobile radio blocks with oversized buttons and null functions. But some vendorsshow with stylish devices that mobile Brummer a thing of the past.On top of that, these models with useful features such as emergency call buttons and hearing aid compatibility can score.

Previously senior cell phones characterised only by giant buttons, bulky appearance and little to no features at all. But the latest generation wants to break with this tradition and instead win the hearts of buyers over 60 with thoughtful features and an elegant appearance.

Emporia elegance

The Emporia elegance is certainly the most beautiful of all senior cell phones plus. Piano lacquer finish, a rounded back and metal buttons make it interesting for style-conscious older men and women. With 92 grams it is easy in the hand (a bold comparison: iPhone 4 brings 137 grams), without being too small to be (109x50x14mm). The mini 1.8-inch-screen is due to the large keyboard, but can still represent large fonts. Various buttons on the sides and at the rear of the unit prevent a permanent menu, there are buttons for volume, alarm clock, flashlight, Bluetooth (!) and the emergency call function among other things. These calls one by one up to five emergency numbers and can send an emergency SMS to the numbers. The battery lasts through a talk time of up to 240 minutes. The speaker is hearing aid compatible, which means he can reproduce the conversation very loudly. Also the charging stand is equipped with own, great speakers.

Beafons camera, Doros battery-power and Hagenuks flap

The Beafon 210 somewhat resembles the elegance in design, but bigger (118 x 55 x 16, 3) and heavy (100 g). The talk time (250 minutes) and features (emergency button, hearing aid compatibility, flashlight, alarm clock, Bluetooth…) can compete with emporias device. The TFT display is slightly larger (2.0 inches) and represents colors in contrast to the elegance. In addition, the Beafon has a camera on board, which resolves only with 0.3 megapixels and is so far from the 5 megapixel standard of today’s mobile phones. The phone forgoes a charging station.

Who places no value on camera and Bluetooth and a particularly persistent mobile searches the Doro should be PhoneEasy 332gsm closer look at. All 666 hours or 27.75 days the 1000mAh battery according to the manufacturer in standby to persevere, as the Emporia can 240 minutes way be. The PhoneEasy has a 1.8-inch-colour display, easy 88 grams and measures 105x50x17mm. The otherwise usual functions are available, only the keys are slightly smaller than that of the elegance and the S210.

Something out of line dances the Hagenuk C900, as it is in comparison with the other devices to a clamshell phone. Who sucks the unfolding age does not, you will get a nifty little device with the most important functions such as emergency call key and with a comparatively large 2.2 inch color display with the C900. With 220 × 176 pixels this solves also the highest on all models. The dimensions are 93x51x99mm in the collapsed State, nevertheless, it is the “heaviest” model with 120 grams. The battery is somewhat weaker than colleagues, three hours are still in there. As a single device, hearing aid support is missing the Hagenuk mobile.

The relatively low price is all phones together, so you must Access deep for a model in the Pocket. The question of whether one day also touch on senior cell phones to see would be exciting…