Full Keyboard In The Trend-The Htc Desire z Android Smartphone

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Lately, the messages to smartphones with additional keyboard are piling up. With the desire Z is joined by now yet another round and it boasts a similar equipment package as the best seller of HTC desire.Interestingly, the new smartphone from the House of HTC in the name variant emerging vision. HTC will probably only talk on September 15 to the newbie. On the planned press launch on September 15th it will be not the only Smartphone, what is presented. Finally working on the successor of desires with the HD tag already in full swing.

Desire with full keyboard

On the big press conference, the HTC desire Z, or vision but also could become a real highlight. It offers the combination of touchscreen and keyboard in a HTC Smartphone with Google Androidfor the first time. The touch screen display with the same attributes will decorate like the desire. A size of 3.7 inches with a resolution of 480 × 800 pixels are simply taken over by its popular namesake.

The touch screen now has a full QWERTY keyboard joins, what will make many HTC desire fan’s heart beat faster. Because ultimately the desire is already an absolute top of the range. It appeared even more specifications…

Not the first, but…

As we already reported here in the blog already exists in America, one of the first Android smartphones with full keyboard called epic 4 g. However, Europe will not come in the taste of the Samsung Galaxy Swith additional keyboard and thus the desire Z in Europe as one of the first Google Android smartphones can present themselves. The keyboard shows up in pretty narrow design and can be extended at the side.The design is based on that of the desires and shows no new sophistication. The keyboard is pushed is to recognize the difference between the two smartphones only through the different set keys. It works with the second look slightly edgier. In many ways, the brothers are more than agreed.

Known facilities

Considering the hardware features of the desire Z the lineage of the brother is hard to overlook. As already resolution of kamrea with 5 megapixels is the first sign of this agreement.

This includes many additional features and empties into the processor, which cycles as it did when the desire with 1 GHz. HSDPA, Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth and touch screen are among a high-end Smartphone today the standard repertoire. Similarly, it is assumed that an MP3 player with is on board. The memory will be expandable via microSD card up to 32 GB, which is nowadays also not too much surprise and will benefit nearly every Smartphone flagship.

Google Android

It is also unsurprising that the Smartphone with the version 2.1 of the search engine giant on the market will come is accordingly. However, this fact is rather disappointing, because the probably at the same time presented successor of the desires called Desire HD will shortly directly with the current version of Froyo, 2.2, equipped. Already at the end of the year is to be the successor of the recently published Froyos on the market. With gingerbread new times to crack then here in the blog reported. It is therefore a pity that the desire didn’t imagine Z with Froyo. Because ultimately follow the update to 2.2 after a short interval. Whether these smartphones ever with the new gingerbread run is anyway questionable, because desire and desire Z, Google Android is covered still from the hotel’s own user interface HTC sense.

This should spare themselves with gingerbread and could lead to complications for a possible update.Speaking of an interesting comparison of the two new brothers of desires with the new, or just old specifications update here on computerbase.de can be found.

The desire Z is a T-Mobile G2

Here on Our site, first pictures of the novice have been published. It is in the case of the desire Z, but in the American version, as engadget writes. Thus, also the name difference is to explain especially with the addition of T-Mobile. HTC thus enriches the successful desire with two new variants, while the Desire HD can be seen as a successor of the bestseller. There are some for that on the big press conference on September 15 in London both brothers of the successful smart phones are presented. Most likely, the desire will now also present Z as the brother with a SLCD display. The desire initiallytouch came with an AMOLED-, the other models due to bottlenecks at Samsung are equipped with new technology. Those who are interested in the desire HD, can inform yourself here on the blog about the new touch screen Smartphone and can be notified if your smartphone at Our site – mobile phones buy online will be have. This is done by E-Mail and is free of charge and without obligation. The desire Z is no information there about the price and the release date in Germany. We will of course report and are looking forward to the Conference in September, which has a variety of American online portals should be loaded.