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Located in Kololi, Gambia, Poco Loco is one of the beach clubs in the area.

For a package trip or independently

You can travel to the Gambia either on a package tour or independently on scheduled flights.

Package tours are organized, for example, by Tjäreborg during the winter season. Otherwise, when traveling from Finland, you must first buy flights to, for example, Brussels, London or Barcelona, ​​from where you can continue with direct flights to the Gambia which is short WAG for by abbreviationfinder.

Gambia International Airport is located near Banjul in Yundum. Yundum International Airport is only about 20 km from the most popular hotel areas of Bakau, Kololi and Kotu.

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Beach hotels are a sure choice

Most visitors stay at one of the resorts on the Gambian coast, located on palm-colored sandy beaches.

Beach hotels usually consist of a few buildings surrounded by a beautiful garden with plants and a swimming pool. The atmosphere is often very western.

You can get a good hotel room for two for about 50 euros, but cheaper and more expensive options are also available.

If you want to stay outside of beach hotels, there are cottages and guest houses in the Gambian countryside for overnight stays. The facilities do not match those of beach hotels, but staying outside the hotel villages allows you to see the Gambia outside the hotel grounds.

The traffic in Gambia is surprising

Gambian traffic is chaos. Whether traveling by car, bicycle or on foot, you should be careful. When moving, it is good to remember that it is not worth trying to anticipate the next movement or direction of motor vehicles.

There are local buses between the largest localities. You can also take a taxi, but the price should always be agreed before departure. At the same time, a return trip can also be negotiated, as the driver usually stays waiting for passengers.

A good means of transport for short distances is a bicycle, which can be rented in the most popular tourist areas.


Arch 22 is an arch gate located in Banjul.

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From the sandy beach to the rainforest

The most significant places in the Gambia are all located in a fairly small area near the beach. Behind the sandy beaches and palm trees, however, the Gambia continues for 500 kilometers to the east along the Gambia River, which crosses the country.

Although most of the Gambians live in the coastal area, the hinterland can by no means be described as dead. The tropical rainforest surrounding the river is home to monkeys, hippos, voles, crocodiles and parrots, among others, as well as hundreds of other animal species.

Various excursions to the river, the rainforest and the countryside are organized under the guidance of expert guides. A jeep safari takes you to explore the villages of Gambia as well as the national park areas and on boat trips you can comprehensively see the nature and settlements surrounding the river.

The cities of Banjul and Serrekunda

The capital of the Gambia, Banjul, is a fairly small town with less than 40,000 residents. However, there are about 440,000 residents in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.

Banjul is located on the island at the point where the Gambia River flows into the Atlantic. The south side of the river can be reached from the capital via bridges, but Barra on the north bank must be reached by ferry.

The streets and squares of Banjul offer authentic Gambian city life, from which the beach bars in the hotel areas are often far away. Banjul’s most popular market, Albert Market, offers a glimpse into local culture. The townspeople make their daily purchases at the market, but there are also crafts and jewelery on offer. You can make discoveries in the market, as long as you know how to compromise, which is an integral part of gambling.

The largest, liveliest and loudest city in the Gambia is Serrekuda, which is also located on the Atlantic coast. The most popular beach resorts are located right next to Serrekuda.


Inland, Farafenni is a peek into local life. However, markets and artisan markets can also be found near the beach resorts.

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The best village and city destinations in the Gambia

  1. Kololi
  2. Kotu
  3. Banjul
  4. Cape Point
  5. Serrekunda

The best activities in Gambia

  1. Relaxing on the beach
  2. Touring the markets and artisan markets
  3. Jeep safari
  4. Cruise on the Gambia River
  5. Bird watching