Garmin GPSMAP 64: New Navis with Smartphone-Contact

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Right buttons on devices? Sounds strange at a time where technology without touch screen is hard to sell. GPS manufacturer Garmin with the GPSMAP 64 a Wandernavi presented, that has no touch screen like its predecessors for the top models of the series GPSMAP search 64s and GPSMAP 64ST now contact with the Smartphone.

Button on button has advantages

Many outdoor enthusiasts prefer the touch screen also available Wandernavis device with buttons as before. One advantage is that let themselves blind, so only by keys. Advantage: You need only to look at the push of a button on the display and can therefore more concentrate on the way. Also: An accidental touching of the display adjusted with button-controlled devices not the device.

All can

The GPSMAP 64 series of case consists, as at Garmin, three models: all three weigh around 260 grams and have a Transflective Display with 6.6-centimeter (2.6-inch) diagonal and a resolution of 160 x 240 pixels. That sounds little, but is for some time Garmin typical and prolongs the battery life through low power thirst. In addition, the readability of the display even in direct sunlight is quite good, as compared to Smartphones. The battery life does not indicate Garmin it is expected to be back to 16 to 20 hours, illuminated display significantly less. The devices can be operated either with two ordinary AA batteries or rechargeable batteries (Mignon) or with a special nickel-metal-hydride battery pack, but not included with. All devices of the GPSMAP 64 series can find the position via GPS satellites, but also with the Russian GLONASS satellite. This improves the accuracy of position experience especially in unfavorable reception situation.

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New features in detail

The base model, the GPSMAP 64 (targeted price range: 299 euros), has four gigabytes of memory for maps and waypoints, points of interest (POIs), recorded tracks (tracks) and scheduled tours. Its predecessor, the GPSMAP 62, was limited to 1.7 gigabyte. The middle class, that 64 S (€399) GPSMAP comes with barometric altimeter and incorporating a three axis compass, as well as with an energy-saving variant of the Bluetooth. This should then also the data transfer between the GPS and a Smartphone (iPhone most iPhone 4S) fold. So you can broadcast your position with a gamin app on the net (tracking) reassuring about for offspring family members or friends. Nice gadget: while carrying your valuable Smartphone well protected in a bag, it will spark his messages directly on the display of the Wandernavis. So you miss an important email or SMS. The top model GPSMAP 64ST (469 euro) gets all features of 64 S, but have eight gigabytes of storage. The fixed detailed recreation map for Europe eats up a large part of it but certainly.