Google Search for Android Enables Support Multi-Language Voice, Up to Five Languages at a Time


Google enabled at last, and for everyone, the expected support multi-language voice in its official application from your browser for Android, very good news for more than half of the world’s population, which is that speaking two or more languages.

Google Search for Android now automatically detects the language that we are using in our consultations by voice, but with a limitation of up to five simultaneous languages more than 50 languages and dialects which supports this great service from Google.

In Settings > voice > languages We activate the languages we want to recognize the Google search, as I said earlier with a maximum of five languages. With one long press to select the default language of all the languages that we have selected.

If you select the English (US) as a secondary language the application will recommend we put it as master to enjoy already same detection “Ok Google” on any screen, Although if we activate it we will have to say in perfect English that command to make it work.

Once configured the Google search already we can make queries and voice commands in any of our languages without needing to be entering its configuration. For example, we can perform a search for restaurants in English and then dictate a message in French. If our query receives a spoken response will tell it in the same language used.

At the moment, the voice search only recognizes a language by phrase, with what not can mix them in a same instruction for voice, only they can switch between voice commands.