Great Britain Eminent Personalities

Christopher Pissarides

Architects and builders

John Nash (1752 – 1835)
The architect designed the London “Royal Route” at the beginning of the 19th century, which ran from the Royal Palace, to Pall Mall via Piccadilly Circus, Regent Street and Regent’s Park with numerous elegant neoclassical mansions such as B. Park Crescent. Nash also built Buckingham Palace and the Theater Royal Haymarket, among others.

Inigo Jones (1573 – 1652)
the chief city planner of London revolutionized the architecture of London with stylistic elements of the Italian Palladio. His works include St. Paul’s Church, Covent Garden and The Queen’s House.

Sir Christopher Wren (1632-1723)
After the Great Fire of London in 1966, the royal town planner was tasked with rebuilding the entire city. The plan he had drafted failed due to funding, but Wren had 51 of the 107 destroyed churches restored, including St Mary-le-Bow, Cheapside and St Bride’s. His masterpiece is St. Paul’s Cathedral.

Robert Adam (1728 – 1792)
was Scotland’s most famous architect and known for his decorative detail work on stately homes and castles such as Culzean Castle in the Scottish lowlands.


David Beckham (born 1975)
is not only the most famous English footballer at the moment, but also one of the most influential fashion and style icons of his generation together with his wife Victoria Beckham. He originally played for the well-known soccer team Manchester United, and later for Real Madrid.

Timothy Henry “Tim” Henman (1974)
Henman has been the first British player since 1970 to reach the men’s semi-finals of the Wimbledon tennis tournament.

Dame Kelly Holmes (born 1970)
Holmes is a British long-distance runner who was knighted by the Queen for her two Olympic victories in Athens and other sporting achievements.

Andrew “Andy” Murray (born 1987)
Murray is a British tennis player born in Scotland. He won among others. the 2013 Wimbledon Championship in three sets against the Serb Novak Djokovic. Murray was the first Briton in 77 years to win this tournament.


Francis Drake (around 1540-1596) was a famous conqueror in the Elizabethan era. He was the first Englishman to sail around the world, brought tobacco and potatoes to England and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth I. Drake was also famous for his contribution to the victory of England against Spain in the naval battle for the Armada of Philip II.

Robin Hood is England’s most famous folk hero and has been immortalized in numerous stories and films. The first written records of its existence date from the 15th century. According to legend, he lived with a gang of “outlaws” (convicted and wanted criminals) in the Sherwood Forest near Nottingham and stole from the nobility to help the poor and needy.

Rob Roy (1671-1734) was the Scottish version of the folk hero Robin Hood. The real name of the “Red Robert” was Robert MacGregor, was a shepherd and joined the Jacobites after an argument with the Duke of Montrose.

Kate Moss (born 1974) is one of the most famous English supermodels of our time, especially of the 90s. She starred in a Calvin Klein commercial launched in 1992, and her pale, pixie-like, extremely thin look set fashion trends for a generation of young women. Moss now advertises many of the greatest designers, such as Versace. Victoria Beckham (born 1974) was first known for her appearances as part of the first pop-girlie band “Spice Girls” in the 90s. There she was nicknamed “Posh Spice”. After the band broke up, it was less her musical achievement than her marriage to star footballer David Beckhamm that made her an absolute style icon and the darling of the national tabloid press.

Christopher Pissarides (born 1948)
economist. Pissarides was born on February 20, 1948 in Nicosia, Cyprus. He completed his Masters in Essex, Great Britain in 1971. He and the Americans Peter Diamond and Date Mortensen received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2010. At the time of the award ceremony, he was working at the London School of Economics. The award was given to the three economists for their work in the field of unemployment and the problem that job providers and job seekers do not find each other effectively enough.

Princess Diana (1961-1997) was the Crown Princess of Great Britain between 1981 and 1996. She married Prince Charles at the age of 20 and her youth and beauty quickly made her popular with the public. After her divorce, she became active worldwide as a prominent third world advocate in numerous foundations. She died in a so far unexplained car accident with her partner Dodi Fayed in Paris. She immortalized her tragic death and her highly public life in the hearts of the British.

Christopher Pissarides