How to Split a Bottle of Water to 70 Milligrams

Splitting a volume measurement in weight measures is not as difficult as it may seem, especially if you are working with water. All you need to separate a water bottle in portions weighing 70 milligrams each is a food scale and some plastic cups.



Place the food on a rigid, flat surface. Countertops and table tops are the best.


Press “Unit” button to select the unit of measurement you want to use. Since you want to weigh the water in milligrams, press “Unit” to “g” is shown on the display screen. The “g” stands for “grams”, so you’ll have to do a little math. There are 1000 milligrams in a gram, so, for example, equal to 70 milligrams 0.07 grams.


Place one of the plastic cups on the scale. Although the plastic cup is light, the scale still will weigh it and show the weight on the display screen.


Press the button “On/Off/Tara” to reset the scale. This negates the weight of the plastic cup and resets the scale to zero grams. To weigh the water, the weight of the plastic Cup will not be included.


Pour the water into the plastic cup until the scale reads “0.07 g”. Pour slowly so that you don’t add too much water. If you accidentally add more than 0.07 grams of water, pour water out and start again.


Repeat this process until the entire bottle of water is divided into portions 0.07 grams. Remember, 0.07 grams is equivalent to 70 milligrams.


  • The food scale referenced in this article is the Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale manufactured by EatSmart products. The setting, exact button labels and instructions may vary if you use a different scale. See the manual for instructions.