HTC Discussed Internally Using an Own Operating System

Cell Phones

HTC He said in Taiwanese media that internally it has been studying to acquire an operating system, I understand as as alternative to Android, but it will make an impulsive decision.

According to HTC, the company is well prepared to integrate any operating system on their computers and mark a differentiating factor, since they work in a layer of customizations, and added value with cloud services and applications.

In recent weeks not be for talking about operating systems, companies, and possible acquisitions or partnerships, and in some of the news was positioned to HTC as a potential buyer of webOS, While HP has not said who wants to get rid of the system (Yes seeks partners who license).

It seems that there is a campaign to seek alternatives to Android, but in industry comments on the purchase of Motorola by Google has not sat well. HTC said that buying is right for Google since you get a good portion of patents, but that it also has to study well how it will manage its phones.

We remind you that HTC is faced with Apple over the abuse of patents, and that Google provided to the Taiwanese company intellectual property so that it could defend itself, that Yes, upon payment.