HTC Leo: HD2, The Eternal Smartphone Received an Unofficial a Marshmallow Update


HTC Leo was launched on the market six years ago. It was a mobile phone with Windows Mobile that later became next Android through the community. Since then, it has been a very popular device because every year a group of devoted users has been commissioned to bring the latest updates of the operating system from Google. KitKat, Lollipop…

Every year is a challenge more difficult but have returned it to do: HTC Leo has received a version of CyanogenMod 13. I.e., Marshmallow with fair and necessary modifications. As you can imagine the performance is far from which you would find in any mobile launched this year to the market but the update serves to keep the title of eternal Android smartphone.

It is not functional at all, but it impresses

As you can imagine the device performance is not the best, but in the video that you have under these lines you can see that the HD2 still enough power to move the Marshmallow with some agility. If you have this smartphone, it is worth to try it just for the pleasure of reliving the terminal because the ROM is still very green.

As explained by the author of the port in the XDA thread, there are many things that do not work. Some of these critical as phone, data connection or the camera. As it did in his day with Lollipop, this ROM is more an experiment to demonstrate that it can receive modern updates, is not to make you use it day to day.

It is nice to see how a mobile phone of 2009 still being able to run modern versions of Android. With the problem of updates and the lack of interest by the manufacturers, we like to show these projects and Relive the nostalgic side Since with this generation phones many began our adventure in Android.