iOS With New Update – Touchscreen Smartphone Iphone 4 Only To September 30 With Free Case

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Tonight against 19: 00 our time Steve Jobs reported again on the news regarding the white Apple hardware. As always, he presented of course again a new toy or toys in this context. In this case, it comes to a new range of iPods, starting with the shuffle, again relying on old virtues such as buttons. The iPod nano and iPod touch also were presented and offer some new features. The interesting thing is probably the FaceTime support in iPod touch. So iPhone 4 owners and just iPod touch users via FaceTime can entertain themselves. After the first five minutes, which altogether are as self promotion, unless Steve Jobs hard to blame the Apple guru dealt with iOS 4.1.

What does the update?

High dynamic range photos is that, or are the key words for the new Apple update.

At the Fotorgrafieren, not just a photo is taken, but three. The images are exposed differently and summed up right after the shoot to an HDR image. In addition, game Center is integrated and provides multiplayer games for iPod touch and iPhone 4 owners. The Epic Games boss Mike Capps entered the stage to this topic and presented project sword, which will be integrated with its social Web features in the game Center. The update will be available will be on next week. The positive for the Bestitzer of theTouchscreen Smartphone or iPod touch: The new update is free of charge. Jobs insight into the direct update of successor to 4.2. were also…

Experience new updating to 4.2 for the iPad and music

IOS 4.2 will bring the services of the update 4.1 on the iPad. HDR photos and game Center coming on the Tablet from the House of Apple. With the update to 4.2, the HDR photos can be printed even wirelessly. With airplay, music, videos and pictures via Wi-Fi in the entire apartment can be streamed. Accordingly, AirTunes is swallowed by the new variant of the streaming. Apple AirTunes is dwindling and iTunes 10 will come. It comes with a social network for iTunes, what is ping and is a mixture of Facebook and Twitter.About this you can exchange out with friends about the favourite tracks and playlists. Accordingly, a helping hand is submitted the user in the wide world of songs, more than 12 million, to find the right title.It is also about his favorite artists on the cutting edge, especially with regard to the concerts. The new iTunes 10 can be already downloaded here at Our site.

And the iPhone 4!

Until the end of September there’s free a case named bumper to buying an iPhone 4. But what then? On this question, there was no reply tonight. Finally, there will be a clear reason for the imminent end. If there would have been a revised touchscreen Smartphone, it would have presented jobs with security about four hours ago. New updates and products are already announced by the closing of the Apple stores, whether intentionally or not.

Nevertheless, there is still no answer to the question asked. A revision of the antennas seems likely. A modification would be quite feasible in a short time and would explain the abrupt end of the free bumpers from the 30.9. Here is presented the case to the Smartphone. The current state with the bumpers Apple might well change something, even if they are now wahregnommen for Apple lovers as elegant accessories. Our site- buy cell phones online this touchscreen Smartphone offers and will be delivered soon also the coveted white iPhone. Who themselves can hardly wait and look every day to the right can here can be free of charge information release on Our site  about the show and can wait so comfortable and relaxed. With a suitable tariff you can free some of the high purchase price.Special offers are available here, worth browsing!