iTunes Gift No. 12: Live-EP of the Rolling Stones

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All years back…

Since 2008 Apple hosted the 12 days gifts action: from December 26 to January 6 awaits a new free gift for download in the iTunes store every day. In the past few years was it cut together music, videos, TV series for free.

Last day: live rock with the Rolling Stones

Today offers the EP the après-Christmas advent calendar sweet Summer Sun of the Rolling Stones. It contains the song beast of burden, tumbling dice and doom & gloom. It’s a concert recording from the Hyde Park London from last year.

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App only 24 hours valid

To stay informed about upcoming downloads, install the best the corresponding app. If you have no iOS device, you can watch the movies on your PC. However, a prerequisite is that you have an iTunes account and install iTunes. Warning: Apple claims that each download of the action is valid only for 24 hours. Right from within the app also the gifts of previous days are but in the promotion period through the iTunes store still free to download ready.

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