Kenya with Fascinating Culture

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Surprisingly high price level

Price levels in Kenya vary widely, as activities favored by tourists are often surprisingly expensive, but many services can still be obtained at very affordable prices.

Safaris and visits to national parks are the most costly experiences in Kenya, as admission to the national park can cost as close as a hundred euros per person. In addition, you have to get a car and often a driver for the safari, which will bring a lot more price for a memorable experience. Accommodation for tourists is also not particularly affordable, even for those accustomed to the Finnish price level.

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In places favored by locals, the price level is correspondingly much cheaper, and the prices of grocery stores, for example, are very cheap in Finland. Markets and markets tend to agree on prices separately by negotiating with sellers. The local currency is the Kenyan Shilling, which is often used in markets and souvenir shops to get a better price in euros or dollars.

Kenyan culture is colorful and joyful

Kenya’s fascinating culture shows up to the tourist right from the first moments of the trip and the colorful clothes of the locals as well as the Swahili speech heard on the streets bring exotic variety to the homeland. Passing children flash happily to tourists standing out from the crowd. Kenya is a country located in eastern part of Africa.

In Kenya, tourists are relaxed and understanding, and there are no special dress code, for example. Only coastal Muslim areas should dress conservatively, but elsewhere in Kenya you can dress freely. In the packaging phase, it is worth taking into account the weather forecasts and remember that even in mountainous areas, the evenings are very cool.

The country is a fairly safe destination, as in the capital Nairobi, for example, you can travel safely in almost every part of the city at any time of the day. However, common sense should be kept involved, as it is not wise to present valuable assets in a poor country.

In national parks, wildlife that is unpredictable brings its own safety risk. The tourist, like all other people, should respect the animals and always stay a safe distance. For safaris, for example, it is wise to hire a local guide as a driver who knows the animals and can give safety instructions according to the situation.

Kenya is a former British colony, which is why the country is doing well in English, which is the official language of Kenya alongside Swahili. Nearly all locals speak these languages, in addition to which there are 42 tribal languages ​​in Kenya and most locals speak at least three languages ​​fluently. As a courtesy, the traveler should learn the basic phrases in Swahili.


A safari with a familiar Masai guide will give you the best possible experience from Safari.

Flights and trips to Kenya

There are no direct scheduled flights from Finland to Kenya, but a stopover must be made during the trip. Flights from Helsinki to Nairobi cost around 500-700 euros, depending on the airlines and the location of the passenger.

The country’s main international airports are the airports of the capital Nairobi and the coastal city of Mombasa. The flight from Finland to Kenya takes about 13 hours, depending on the stopover.

Short for KEN by abbreviationfinder, Kenya is also a package travel destination, as beach and safari trips are organized from Finland to Kenya.

Kenya hotels

Kenya’s most comprehensive selection of hotels can be found in coastal resorts and the capital, Nairobi. There is a wide range of hotels of different levels around Mombasa, offering affordable accommodation, family hotels and luxury accommodation. There is also quality accommodation on the largest islands in the Lamu archipelago.

In popular resorts, the hotel services are plentiful and there are also many activities on offer. Safari trips, on the other hand, often include accommodation in tent villages or inns.

The price level of accommodation can surprise a Finnish tourist, as good quality accommodation is very expensive. The hotel can easily cost several hundred euros per night per person, but the setting is good. Similarly, affordable accommodation is also available, and in Nairobi, for example, you can stay in a modest hostel for just under ten euros.

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Getting around Kenya

Along the way in Kenya you can travel by local minibus, matte. However, it is good to note that the condition of the Kenyan road network is very variable: the country has good roads along which the journey folds quickly, but also poor road sections that slow down the journey considerably. Congestion also slows progress, which is why in Kenya one can never know exactly how long a trip will take.

Driving a car in Kenya can be enticing because of the stunning scenery that opens from the window. However, it is not advisable to cry behind the wheel, but it is advisable to rely on minibuses or rent a car and driver.

Longer trips, especially to destinations with poor road connections, are worth making in Kenya by plane. Domestic flights are relatively inexpensive, but it’s worth investing in ensuring the airline’s reliability. Flying is a great way to travel from Nairobi to Mombasa, for example. For example, Air Kenya and Safarilink offer reliable small aircraft flights within Kenya.