Kitchen Reform Spending: Check out 7 Tips!

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Even with little money you can transform the look of the kitchen. Check out tips!

Want to remodel the kitchen spending little? So know that it is not an impossible mission. To rearrange the visual environment, you don’t necessarily need to invest in modern appliances or change any finish. Simply put into practice some simple, creative and inexpensive ideas. Check out!

The kitchen stands out as one of the most important rooms of the House. Is it that the locals make meals and perform cleanup tasks. To change the look of space, it is not necessary to deal with the “breaking” of retirement or spending money on expensive items. The key is to execute creative ideas and innovative without shell out so much money.

Tips to Remodel kitchen spending little

The House and Party presented some tips so that you can retire to your kitchen without spending a lot of money. Check out:

1-Modify the cabinets with contact paper

The kitchen cabinet is a key mobile to organize the household items and food. Rather than settle for the default template, you can customize the piece and turn it into something unique.

Try to modify the look of the Cabinet by applying contact paper, with some strong color or even print. This material has the advantage of being cheap and works on virtually all types of surfaces.

2-paint finishing Board

If you follow the trends in the field of decoration, you’ve probably come across any surface painted with chalkboard paint. This product transforms anything in Blackboard, including wall, Cabinet and even the refrigerator.

Produce the effect the Blackboard in the kitchen is something cheap and modern, not to mention that contributes a lot with those who have the habit of jotting down notes and recipes in this environment of the House.

3-change the look of the refrigerator

Want to make a cheap retirement in the kitchen? Then consider the possibility to customize the refrigerator. This appliance can make a new face in the decoration, all you have to do is invest in adhesives, contact paper, fun magnets or a painting with vivid color.

4-Renew the walls with stickers

When the look of the kitchen is tiring and boring, now is the time to do a transformation with stickers. These items can be applied on the walls or even about the tiles, innovating the surface with charm and good taste.

There are many models of adhesives for kitchens available in specialty stores in this segment. They take advantage of colors and designs, so you can leave any corner of the room more fun and full of personality.

Tile adhesives that mimic and simulate domestic utensils are perfect to decorate the kitchen. Models with phrases, fruits and retro designs are also welcome.

5-Use carpet

Change all over the kitchen floor can be very laborious and expensive, so the best option is to invest in a new carpet. Choose a long and beautiful model to cover the area next to the sink. The pieces made with sisal fiber are the most suitable for this kind of environment, after all, they baked it with ease.

6-PVC strips

Are you wanting to say goodbye to the old white kitchen floor? So the trick is to use PVC strips. This material, which mimics the aesthetics of wood, has low cost and can be glued to the floor in a practical way.

7 – Abuse of colorful elements

Transform the look of your kitchen by investing only in different utensils and fun. These pieces are interesting because abuse of strong colors and unusual formats. Find ways to expose the items through shelves or cabinets with glass doors.

Like the suggestions? Have any other tips to reform the spending kitchen little? Leave a comment.