Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8: Test of Small Aluminium Android Tablets

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Precious aluminium case, rather than cheaper plastic coat: Lenovo’s Yoga does not see Tablet 8 only, the Android tablet is Tablet 10 very rigid quality such as the large 10-inch version of yoga. Disadvantage: With it’s 399 grams comparatively hard for an eight inch Tablet (20.32 cm diagonal).

The trick with the stand

At the bottom, a stand can be folded out the Tablet set up allows you to, to enjoy a slide show of vacation pictures as easily. Including protected is the memory card slot and the SIM card slot for the 3G-Variante.

Pale colors

Too bad the test the display (1280 x 800 pixels) presented colors distorts and slightly pale and especially reds unnatural. The maximum brightness of 444 per square metre is, however, just as neat as the contrast ratio of 1.152: 1 good: the touch screen user input implemented quickly and very accurately.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet: product and detail photos

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 and 10 see

High pace of work

The Yoga 8 has only a processor from the entry-level segment on Board (Mediatek MTK8125; four cores â 1.2 gigahertz), which offers but enough steam for almost all applications the work pace was consistently high in the test.

Cameras with defects

You may expect too much from the built-in cameras: the front lens captures user videocalls spongy, snapping the rear has problems with bright surfaces: the white balance is wrong, she captured reds greatly distorts. Also, the very speed operating brightness control is annoying.

Equipment unvollzählig

Standard equipment include above so-called card slot can be used for extended the 12.8 GB (free) memory via microSD card to maximum 32 gigabytes. Bluetooth for wireless data exchange with computers is also on board. What is missing? An HDMI Jack for image reproduction on a large screen TV.

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Sensational battery life

The Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 came in the test 24 hours and two minutes without socket from which is a new record. Long also to charge the battery again: In the test took five hours and 51 minutes.

Bottom line: Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8

Yoga Tablet 8 is not only stylish, but also well thought out. Also the customized Android 4.2 works almost perfectly with the hardware. That the components very sparingly Potter showed terrific battery life. A pity that the display is not fully convinced.

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