LG G5 Rumors Begin: Fingerprint Reader, Iris Scanner, Introduced in February


There are months that mobile 2016 reach our hands but as you can imagine the companies already are working on them and the rumors, by extension, are coming. Time already is spoken for the next Samsung and Sony. To this short list should now add a third manufacturer: LG.

This year Koreans have not had the high end more rounded. It is powerful, Yes, you have a great camera but the overall experience has done to lower positions to be the best smartphone of the year. The rumors that reach us today suggest that 2016 will again put all the meat (read hardware) on the grill to return everything great.

To become a more rounded smartphone

The rumors that have appeared speaks of that enext l LG G5 will be presented in the month of February. We don’t know if it will be in a side event as it has happened in previous years or they will take advantage of the Mobile World Congress to announce it there. If true, clearly, that the strategy is to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S7 that possibly let them see for the first time also on those dates.

What will we have in the hardware? It is rumored that it will come with the Snapdragon 820 (is expected), not a chip of less power as it has happened this year in the choice of the 808 to 810. 4GB of RAM and a 21 megapixel camera top the main specifications of this alleged G5. The screen will remain QHD and a size of 5.5 inches. We will see if this year they repeat themselves with the curve either opt for a flat panel.

Two of the most attractive developments that will have the terminal will be the fingerprint reader (which themselves implemented in the Nexus 5 X) and a iris scanner. This last element generated some doubts because few phones that have it built today have not made a difference. Let us hope that they focus in Fujitsu since it seems are the ones who have the most advanced technology in this section.

The rumor seems quite plausible: powerful specifications within expectations, introduction of fingerprint and the inclusion of an element that has more marketing than utility (the iris scanner, yes). They advance the announcement to avoid losing presence can go you well but at the end of the good part of the success will depend on whether or not the product is good.