Lovers of Hygiene: Kyocera Launches a Mobile Phone That Can Be Washed with Water and SOAP

It is difficult to maintain a clean mobile full all the time. They tend to get dirty just to touch them or carry it in your pocket. Some models are in fact a real magnet for dirt. The most common for cleaning is using a dry cloth and rub well to leave them as the first day. Kyocera instead bet on something more radical still.

The Japanese manufacturer (with extensive experience in mobile hard) has announced a curious device for Japan. It is a device that you can clean with water but eye because not only is it waterproof as the Sony Xperia range but can also use SOAP to leave it pristine. Lovers of cleaning, this is the phone you were looking for.

Rafe worthy Sumaho (thus the device is called) is a mid-range smartphone. We do not know many details about him and what little that lets us know the tab in Japanese is the following: 2 GB RAM, 16 GB of storage, 3000 mAh battery, Android 5.1 series and LTE connectivity.

We found the greatest attraction of this terminal in the possibility to wash it with SOAP and water. Offers coverage for both elements Dragontrail with your type of glass Glass X. According to Kyocera, the device is able to withstand hot water up to 43 degrees. If you like to give you a hot shower, this smartphone will be possible.

It will be available in three colors, tones that remind us that are usually used in the bars of SOAP and bath. More details at the moment we don’t have on the price and launch will take place on December 11 in Japan. Upon its release in other countries, for the time being Kyocera washing hands (je) but it seems very unlikely that we will see out of the country.