MasterCard Believes That NFC Technology Need Apple to Succeed

Rumors around the use of NFC technology on the part of Apple they are repeating with the passage of time, and as it may seem logical, is always related with the arrival of a new phone.

Apparently Apple software engineers they are working on the development of support technology, and there are some developers working on applications when NFC is a reality in Apple products.

In addition to some statements by executives of MasterCard and Visa, from 9to5mac also inform us that you have contact with developers working on an application that makes use of NFC technology.

In the past MacWorld spoke about the application, which were carried out money transactions safely, and were no longer clear that was not of any addition or accessory for the iPhone.

Google, Nokia, Sony or BlackBerry have already opted for NFC, and although we know that Apple is a company that is not carried, and even likes to implement standards in the market, we believe that this time it will finally get on the train.

The possibility has also returned to jumping to the fore after the declarations of an Executive’s MasterCard, in which spoke of the support company to NFC (also work on this next Intel). It argued that a push as the Apple it is necessary to make that technology will become commonplace, but that they could not speak of what were the partners with whom they were working.

Without entering argue who was first or who did it better, and in keeping with the statements of the Executive, is a reality that Apple is able to change the industry with its new products, as it has done with the implementation of iTunes, or with take-off tablets.