Meltemi: Nokia May Be Preparing an Operating System Based on Linux for Affordable Devices

The theme of the new platforms and operating systems is getting enough, with associations and divorces to the order of the day, and as it wasn’t going to be another way, a good portion of rumors feeding today.

It is the almost always go stuck in these messes. Nokia, It seemed that you were understandably reassured its strategy with Microsoft, but now there are rumors about the creation of a new operating system for affordable terminals. Your name, Meltemi, It is also the name of a wind of the Aegean Sea.

Nokia could be developing a new system based on Linux, with Mary McDowell leading the project. For that let us understand, would be directed to affordable telephones, on the step that there is below Windows Phone.

Symbian already eliminated to make way for the operating system of Microsoft, now it seems that the Series 30 and 40 may have its days numbered. We remind you that the Nokia World is just around the corner, and there could tell us something officially.

The interesting thing about the rumored project is open, the community would have enough to say about. According to Eldar Murtazin, behind Meltemi is part of the original team of Maemo, and although the Kernel is different, they work on the same user interface.