Mobile Happy Responds to Simyo Cheaper Fares with Free Internet Calls

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Simyo yesterday decided that it was time to wake up, after a long time in which fares had not received too many improvements, and decided to do with the improvement of their rates to talk and navigate with fee and minimum consumption, rising in all data at 100 MB bonus without touching the price of calls or monthly fees.

The main affected by the update of rates was Happy Mobile, It has two rates that offer free Internet, 300 MB in a case and 850 MB in another case, in Exchange for minimum consumption and as expected the virtual has responded though not for the section data, but with the fall in the price of calls.

In the case of the happy fare until now users paid 3.5 cents for discount in addition to 0.15 euros for the establishment of calls while that rate Don’t Worry the minute price was 3.9 cents, both with calls to zero cents per minute the first ten 10 minutes of each call between mobile Happy customers.

2.9 cents per minute from tomorrow

But starting from low morning the price of national calls to 2.9 cents per minute in both cases, keeping to 0.15 euros call setting and zero cents per minute between customers of the virtual. The other conditions remain equal, with 300 MB in Exchange for 4.9 euros minimum consumption rate happy and 850 MB in Exchange for 8.9 euros minimum consumption rate Don’t Worry.

The comparisons are simple and is that we can hand face to rate speech + 200 MB of Simyo with rate happy, where Happy mobile rate has one euro more than consumption minimum in return for cheaper calls and 100 MB more with both paying three cents per mega data excess while the speech + 850 MB of Simyo vies with the Don’t Worry Happy mobile with two euros more than consumption minimum with the megs themselves but without charging for excess and with more economical calls. The decision for one or another fee will depend mainly on what we call and Internet consumption, touch add account.