Models of Jeans for Pregnant Women

Jeans are the most versatile piece of women’s wardrobe, and often also the most used and favorite.However, during pregnancy there is no avoiding: they will tighten.

Most women can use their old garments until the third, fourth, and maximum fifth month of gestation, after which, in addition to being tight, the clothes become uncomfortable.

Models of Jeans for Pregnant Women 2

Pregnant women do not have to stop wearing jeans – in fact, wide dresses and gowns are not the only options – because there are specific models for them, as well as some tricks that can increase the life of your pants during pregnancy, see:

Jeans for pregnant women

Models of high waist with elastic linings keeps the look beautiful and the woman comfortable, without tightening to the belly. You can find the model in specialized stores or make at home by cutting the top of the pants and sewing inside the elastic lining.

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Models of Jeans for Pregnant Women 3

Undoubtedly, the best model is what replaces the coz of the jeans with an elastic band.In addition to comfortable, it adapts to the size of the belly – and its growth – and prevents it from falling, pushed by the abdominal volume.

Prefer pants still with enough stretch. They are more “elastic”, and adapt better and more easily to the body. Also opt for the skinny models, which stick closer to the body. They value curves and make women feel more beautiful.

Tricks to wear your jeans longer

Models of Jeans for Pregnant Women 1

A useful and widely used tip is the elastic one. Put a rubber band around the pant button. Then pass your other end through the button hole. Pull the elastic band out through the hole and use it to hold the button. The woman thus gains a few more inches to her belly.

Check out the beautiful models of jeans for pregnant women (Photo: Divulgação).