Monaco – Famous for its Casino and Formulas


Monaco is known as a paradise for the rich, but the principality also has interesting sights and an authentic atmosphere. In the dwarf state of Monaco, wealth and luxury are ubiquitous. The Principality is especially known for its casino as well as the Formula 1 race, but it has a much more diverse reputation.

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Monaco is small but glamorous

Short for MC by abbreviationfinder, Monaco is a country of only two square kilometers on the shores of the Mediterranean. According to countryaah, the country has only one border neighbor, as, with the exception of the sea, it is completely surrounded by France.

The principality, despite its small size, has learned to hold its own. Even Napoleon decided to ally with the Grimaldi family that ruled Monaco and leave the dreams of taking over.

Although Monaco has been under French rule on several occasions throughout its history, it has still been able to maintain its appeal among influential people.

Even today, known as a tax haven, Monaco attracts the well-off. The state is virtually tax-free, which attracts especially very well-deserved people to move to the principality.

Built in the 19th century at the latest, Monte Carlo with its casinos created the city-state as a glamorous haven for the rich. Indeed, the casino can be seen as a symbol of Monaco’s splendor, as it initially allowed tax evasion with its high returns.

There is no attempt to cover up wealth in Monaco. Due to limited space, skyscrapers and interesting traffic solutions have risen in Monaco. Splendid fashion boutiques and luxury hotels are commonplace in the country.

A four-part city

Although Monaco is geographically very small, there are four clearly distinguishable parts of the city-state.

Monaco-Ville is located on the cliffs of La Rocher and is the oldest area in Monaco. It is a district dominated by pastel-colored houses, the most famous building of which is the Palais Princier.

Monte Carlo, on the other hand, is both a newer and a larger area with no splendor of wood. In addition to the casino, Monte Carlo has some of Monaco’s finest restaurants, hotels and luxury shops. Monte Carlo beach is also quite impressive.

Monaco-Ville and Monte Carlo are separated by La Condamine, which is mainly a port area. Fontvieille has a concentration of residential and commercial buildings built on the land near the beach.

Monaco is especially known for its casino.

The legendary formula stage

Monaco is filled with people every year in the second week of May as the country runs the legendary Formula 1 race. The sports festival has a long tradition: it was first rampant on the streets of Monaco as early as 1929.

If motorsports are close to your heart, you should head to Monaco during the race. Otherwise, it’s a good idea to schedule the trip so that you don’t accidentally run into the tens of thousands of formula fans.

Monaco with a pleasant climate

Monaco is influenced by the Mediterranean climate. There are three hundred sunny days a year in the principality and in the summer months the heat readings are regularly maintained.

In winter it is a little rainier and cooler, although there is no need to be afraid of frosts.


Little Monaco is easy to get around on foot.

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Direct flights to Nice

Travelers to Monaco should fly to Nice, where the nearest international airport is located. Both Finnair and Norwegian operate direct flights from Helsinki to Nice. Norwegian flies to Nice all year round, while Finnair has a destination in the summer season. At its cheapest, direct flights can be obtained for about 100 euros.

From Nice, the journey to Monaco folds conveniently by train. The journey takes only twenty minutes. An even cheaper option than the train is a bus, which costs only a couple of euros. Monaco is an excellent day trip destination for holidaymakers in Nice.

Monaco can be reached by train from a longer distance. For example, a high-speed TGV train journey from Paris to the Mediterranean coast in less than six hours.

Accommodation is high quality and expensive

Monaco is not really a destination for the budget traveler. The supply of accommodation in the principality is generally quite good in relation to the size of the country, but the selection places a strong emphasis on high-quality and therefore also affordable housing. There is no shortage of four- and five-star hotels in Monaco.

Especially during the Formula 1 race, you should be on the move really early to find a place to stay, as the Hotel Rooms will be taken out of hand at a fast pace.

Walking around Monaco

Thanks to its area of ​​two square kilometers, Monaco is easy to take over. Buses also provide convenient access from one attraction to another, but virtually the entire kingdom can be explored by walking around in one day.


Located in the old district of Monaco, the Palais Princier is one of the most famous sights of the Principality.

Glamor at the casino

Completed in 1890, the Monte Carlo Casino was once one of the world’s first gambling paradises. Today, it is the most famous attraction in the principality, where almost every traveler visiting the country wastes at least a few pennies.

A passer-by can get a peek for free in the lobby of the casino, but real glamor is only promised in the princely salons, which require access to a shelled entrance fee and dress according to the level required by the place. There is no actual costume compulsion, but most casino guests perform at least in a little jacket, and evening costumes are not uncommon.

Even if you’re not interested in gambling, the Monte Carlo casino is definitely worth a visit to admire. It is an impressive revelation from the outside, and the same splendor continues in the magnificent halls of the interior.

Historic Palais Princier

Built by the Genoese almost 800 years ago, the Palais Princier, the prince’s palace, is the number one attraction in the Monaco-Ville region.

The palace is not so much startled by its massiveness, but rather by its numerous paintings and frescoes that can be admired in the interior of the palace. Inside, you can also visit the Museum of Naples, while the guard of the Guards guarding the palace can be admired on the courtyard side.

You can get to the interior of the palace with an entrance fee of just over five euros, you have to shell out a couple of extra euros from the Napoleon Museum.

World famous marine research museum

The Monaco Museum of Marine Research is one of the best known in its field in the world. Due to the extensive research carried out there, the museum provides access to all kinds of plants and animals living in the sea.

Particularly popular is the museum’s aquarium, where you can admire more than three hundred species, many of which are very rare. Hailaguuni, on the other hand, is a novelty where it is possible to get to know the flora and fauna of the coral reef with your own eyes.

Admission to the Museum of Marine Research costs adults about ten euros. However, cheaper joint tickets are available, which, in addition to the museum, take you to the Prince’s Palace, for example.


The Monaco Museum of Marine Research is definitely worth a visit.


The most famous sights

  1. Casino
  2. Palais Princier
  3. Opera House
  4. Monaco Cathedral
  5. Museum of Marine Research

The most beautiful parks

  1. Jardin Exotique – An “exotic garden” on a mountainside with a myriad of different plants
  2. Casino Garden – A garden decorated with fountains built around the casino
  3. Princess Antoinette Park – A picturesque park highlighted by a vine-covered entrance
  4. Princess Grace Rose Garden – The scent of about 4,000 roses is heady
  5. Japanese Garden – A nearly 7,000-square-foot garden that follows the zen concept