Nice Tip To Wash Your Child’s Toys!

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Yesterday I was at home with his family, when the “crazy” cleaning (I, of course, but in a “I’m going to kill all microorganisms that find ahead”), to put everything in order. I love a quiet weekend, without worry about tidying up (do I overlook a lot of things, and let me rest!), but the rhinitis Cacá remembered at all times that things needed to be cleaned. It was a sneeze, cough out there, that I decided to give an end to the dust of toys, even if it took hours to do it!Then I remembered the tip from a friend who lives in the United States, and that only cleans up his son’s toys that way. She puts everything in the dishwasher and washing machine (that fear).

I confess that I was afraid to do the same, because everyone says you can’t put plastic in the machine (with the high temperature of drying, the parts might melt). But I wanted to wash so many toys (cliques, plates, cups, LEGO bricks – the largest, with the little ones I confess I have not tried, and more), I was too lazy to do that with a bowl and a sponge. Conclusion: I prayed for it to work, and filled the kitchen with all the offal with the Caca jokes, and that they were in need of a good bath for a long time. And I promised baby that if something wrong, I would find a way to replace what was damaged.

And then you ask me: “did it work?”. Yes, that’s why I found the cool tip to be shared here on the blog! As my machine had a quick wash cycle without drying, I chose for him, not to run the risk of melting the toys (in it the washing temperatures and dry also are smaller). But I think you can use either one, stopping the process before the pieces dry. Oh, I used the SOAP you normally use the product, to wash the dishes from home, and I put the little pieces more delicate in the overhead compartment, which is less heated than the bottom.

The pieces were pretty clean, and I’ve only had the job of drying the toys on hand (actually left running, to have less work yet). Nothing has changed in shape, not bleached, then consider trying a success!

If some mother tried to make washing the toys in the machine and let them secassem in there, let me know! I really want to know if it works too!