Nokia 6210 Navigator Already with Vodafone

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Vodafone Launches exclusive until January the new Navigator Nokia 6210 which I have already spoken from September 1 so descatalogando its predecessor 6110 Navigator.

Options to acquire it as particular Vodafone It will be no permanence for 279 euros or stay of 18 months depending on the type of contract:

For 119 euros with porting/migration to particular contract minimum consumption of 9 euros and for 79 euros if you commit to a minimum consumption of €25 for at least 6 months. In both cases, at this price you will have to add 70 euros more if done with a number of new high.

For companies available from 0 euros but with a contract Plan plus 25 non-Royal Mail will cost 73 EUR

The Nokia 6210 Navigator is also available in the Vodafone points program from 169 EUR for individuals more 250 points with permanence, 269 euros without permanence and from 248 euros for companies with 200 points also no permanence.

All prices already include VAT.