OS Invite You to Know The Authentic Preppy Style in The Hands of GANT


GANT back to resume their love affair with Manhattan -If who ever disappeared – to show a collection inspired by the streets. In 1914, a Ukrainian immigrant’s name Bernard Gant, he stepped on American soil in the city first of New York. 36 years later in New Haven, this immigrant’s American dream would be realized with the creation of a store that would carry his name: thus was born the legendary fashion firm GANT.

60 years later, GANT show us your collection “American Style” that its roots have always been present in this signature purely preppy. This translates into clothes and basic fabrics that have never disappeared from her wardrobe in its six decades of life.

If a few days ago met the landing of Massimo Dutti on American soil, today we will see a different, more casual style that was born in United States and that continues to be true Ambassador of its country of origin. Welcome to the real preppy style:

As we have said, the campaign has as a backdrop to the city of New York. During the winter, in its broad avenues, the wind is blowing strong when temperatures are around the degrees below zero. With this in mind, GANT He was inspired to create a collection where one of their maximum is warm and avoid the cold with guarantees.

If we speak of preppy style, the overlay clothing is a must. If over, we intended to escape the cold, it is not surprising to see sets such as those above. Special mention to the right gentleman look, have your clothes: shirt, tie, Jersey, (pana) Blazer and a vest coat.

I have to comment that I feel a special sympathy for the preppy style, but I also have to admit that often these looks so loaded transmit me directly a great sense of oppression. For example, the other gentleman on the left look, seems sublime as clothing casual.

When we take the view back in time, we note that there have always been a basic in the closet GANT that we have never abandoned. Up to have a look inspired by the world of hunting where we can appreciate these eternal garments: a Blazer y Jersey wool next to each Chinese y shirt cotton.

Note, printed patterned pants- Hallmark the preppy style – and the collar Oxford shirt buttoned, an icon of GANT.

Advancing in your Lookbook, We find this set with a Cardigan woven in eight as the protagonist. Again, we go back to see a overlay garment: on a Polo long sleeves knotted a thick scarf wool which, in turn, is escorted by the tuxedo type neck of the Cardigan. Finally, some Chinese and a good pair of boots that will protect us from the weather.

We finished with are two proposals and other new Hallmark of the preppy style: pants on vivid hues. Instead of what can happen in other styles, in the preppy style always will be this color. In fact, during the spring and summer these vivid colors they become more soft cake type.

In my opinion, GANT It has released a collection of quite classical in the preppy style is concerned. Comment as they themselves say, his collection called “American Style” and it makes a nod to its 60 years of existence but perhaps spoiling missing something more daring. And you, What do you think? Are you friends of the preppy style?