Outfits Ideas to Combine Your Sweater Knitting and Booties

The sweater is one of the strongest trends for this season of winter 2016. There are an endless number of styles to suit all tastes. From long-sleeved or Japanese, to those of box neck, neck of Swan and even poncho type.

Likewise, we can not aside the tendency of booties during the coldest time of the year. While boots have already gained popularity during the summer, winter is the season where skin boots take over the sideboards.

What happens if you combine both garments in your look? You’ll be completely on trend! If you do not know how to combine these two trends, check out the suggestions we have for you below which you like most?

1. with black leggings

A look that you can wear for any occasion. Since those days in the office until those unexpected exits with your friends. He is that the footwear is always black and the sweater in a color that makes contrast.

2. with jeans

The classic for those super casual outings. According to cosycardigan you can risk for your sweater and shoes in the same color. If you are looking for a touch more risky, you can achieve it using a pair of torn jeans.

3. with short skirts and stockings

Of our favorite! This look is very good for those days not very cold with a bit of Sun. To achieve a very elegant look, you elect to use a skirt in black stockings and footwear in the same tone.