High-Waisted Shorts

Women's Clothes

Hello, today we will talk about the model of high-waisted shorts, trend, spent time gone and now it’s back. There are several models and tissues but at the time of the choice of high-waisted shorts the rules are the same. Always take into consideration the size of your torso and your legs so that you choose the model […]

Philips ‘Master Ledbulb Mv”, Led Replacement for 100-w Incandescent Lamps

Home Stuff Lighting

Over 1500 lumens, “warm white”, largely around radiant and even dimmable: the 20 Watt powerful Philips LED retrofit bulb is “master LED bulb MV” since mid-2013 the most powerful A67 – on the German market, but also one of the most expensive. Can she justify their high price? “Philips Lighting” offers worldwide currently several concepts at his round radiant LED Retrofits for the […]

What Can You Do With Bottles


June 5 is world environment day. It is precisely because of this date that people start moving in sustainability actions. I particularly think this move has to be made all year round, day after day. Sustainability must be a habit of a lifetime and not a date. We have so many… This is only a claim […]

Female Backpack Models Summer

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Female Backpacks Summer 2015 models are you looking for? So know that there are many options available in physical and virtual stores. When it comes to choosing a piece, it is very important that girls consider comfort, style and functionality. The backpack is no longer a limited accessory to the male universe and is becoming increasingly popular among […]