People Sense: Microsoft’s Social-Service GPS on the Road

Cell Phones

According to the latest billedlæk, Microsoft reportedly is working on a social GPS Service for Windows Phone.

As a Google user, you can use Maps to pinpointe his friends ‘ location, and also have iPhone-people application, called “Find my friends”. Now displays a couple of leaked screenshots, supplemented by video that Microsoft allegedly is working on a similar service for Windows Phone-world.

At the time of writing is the application under development with the name Buddy Aware, who will undergo names change, as it becomes more clear, and end out People Sense as a name.

People Sense will give future Windows Phone 10 users the option to select a specific group of contacts, called “Trusted circle”, which we want to share location information with. 

To exploit this information, for example, the application will integrate with maps and GPS applications, in order to show you the way to question missed friend. Equally likely that you will be able to call or write directly from the application to his friend in the vicinity, in order to make him or her aware of your presence.

As can be seen in the video below, there are not many features to download yet. You can get an overview by using. the map that appears first in order, and you will find a friend, one can access the friends page to see for example how far we are from each other.
Since this is still in the rumor stage, WP users must wait for more information about accessibility on nicely.