Program Speech and Pepephone Flies Will Definitely Disappear in a Year

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Six months ago Pepephone has announced that new customers may not adhere to the program Speaks and flies whereby its customers obtained each euro spent on mobile as discount to fly with Air Europe, which once belonged to the same group of companies as the operator.

The separation of the two companies forced Pepephone to withdraw this advantage to new customers although it remained for those who were already but now Pepephone has announced to its customers that are attached to this program that is It will cease to exist within a period of one year.

It will be October 31, 2014, on the last day in which Pepephone users can earn euros for program speech and flies, but also the last day to redeem them and indeed also the last day to fly with those euros, although it is worth mentioning that this is the closing date for the return flight, Since flights purchased this program always should be of back and forth and can redeem euro obtained only in the path of return.

A bad news for customers with more than half of year old in Pepephone but eliminating a program that, truth be told, little painted in an operator always focused on providing the best rates, always applying them to all its customers and without need to claim improvements, and to offer a service efficient customer, with all its staff in Spain and a little usual policy of return in advance the charges claimed by customers.