Rules of Pre-flight and Post-flight Inspections in Turkey

Rules of Pre-flight and Post-flight Inspections in Turkey

1. Check the availability of the following documents:
– foreign passport;
– voucher;
– insurance policy;
– air ticket;
– if necessary, a power of attorney for the child and a birth certificate.
We recommend taking photocopies of foreign and Russian passports, birth certificates of a child with you if you are flying with a child. 2. Look at your flight ticket, check the airport and departure time. Check-in for a flight usually starts 3 hours and ends 40 minutes before departure. Airport codes:VKO – Vnukovo DME – Domodedovo SVO – Sheremetyevo ZIA – Zhukovsky

RULES OF PRE-FLIGHT AND POST-FLIGHT INSPECTIONS. In accordance with Appendix No. 1 of the Rules for conducting pre-flight and post-flight inspections, approved by order of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation dated July 25, 2007 No. 104, it is prohibited to carry on board the aircraft by passengers in checked baggage and in things carried by passengers, the following hazardous substances and items:

– explosives;
– means of explosives and objects stuffed with them;
– compressed and liquefied gases;
– flammable liquids;
– flammable solids;
– oxidizing agents and organic peroxides;
– toxic substances;
– radioactive materials;
– caustic and corrosive substances;
– poisonous and toxic substances;
– weapons and objects shaped

isolated access of passengers to baggage during the flight: crossbows, spearguns, checkers, sabers, cleavers, scimitars, broadswords, swords, swords, bayonets, daggers, knives: hunting knives, knives with ejected blades, with locking locks, imitators of any kind weapons;
– household knives (scissors) with a blade (blade) length over 60 mm;
– alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of more than 24%, but not more than 70% alcohol by volume in containers with a capacity of not more than 5 liters, in containers intended for retail trade – not more than 5 liters per passenger;
– liquids and alcoholic beverages with an alcohol content of not more than 24% by volume;
– aerosols intended for use for sports or domestic purposes, the outlet valves of which cans are protected by caps from spontaneous release of contents in containers with a capacity of not more than 0.5 kg or 500 ml – not more than 2 kg or 2 liters per passenger;

In things carried by passengers:
– medical thermometer – one per passenger;
– mercury tonometer in a standard case – one per passenger;
– barometer or mercury manometer, packed in a sealed container and sealed with the sender’s seal;
– disposable lighters – one per passenger;
– dry ice for cooling perishable products – no more than 2 kg per passenger;
– 3% hydrogen peroxide – no more than 100 ml per passenger;
– non-hazardous liquids, gels and aerosols: in containers with a capacity of not more than 100 ml (or an equivalent capacity in other volume units), packed in a securely closed transparent plastic bag with a volume of not more than 1 liter – one bag per passenger.

Liquids in containers larger than 100 ml will not be accepted for carriage even if the container is only partially filled. Transportation exceptions are for medicines, baby food and special dietary needs.

Liquids purchased at duty-free shops at the airport or on board the aircraft must be packed in a securely sealed (sealed) plastic bag that provides identification of access to the contents of the bag during the flight, which has reliable evidence that this purchase was made at the airport duty-free shops or on board the aircraft on the day(s) of travel.

The airport administration, airlines have the right to decide on the introduction of additional measures to ensure aviation security on flights with increased danger, as a result of which it is prohibited to carry the following items in the aircraft cabin:
– corkscrews;
– hypodermic needles (unless medical justification is provided);
– knitting needles;
– scissors with a blade length of less than 60 mm;
– folding (without latch) travel, penknives with a blade length of less than 60 mm.
Flight time.
The flight to Turkey is about 3-3.5 hours.
Upon arrival at ISTANBUL airport, go straight to passport control. Then follow the step-by-step instructions:
1. Go through passport control (a foreign passport is presented).
2. Get your luggage. The monitors above the baggage belts indicate the flight from which baggage will be issued on this belt.
3. After receiving your baggage, you must independently go to the MEETING LOUNGE and tell the representative your last name and the name of the host (for more information, see the memo).
4. Listen carefully to the information that the escort will tell you on the way to the hotel.

Rules of Pre-flight and Post-flight Inspections in Turkey