Rumor: Sony Xperia M4 Aqua-New Fish in the Sea

Cell Phones

According to latest rumors Sony will present a water happy between class smartphone for MWC 2015.

As for the time left launched Sony Xperia Sony M2 Aqua, they showed how water happy a phone in our time can be. The exterior and interior were coated with the highest rating of water resistance for a smartphone, called an IP 68-certification.

Now suggests a leak from the Xperia Blog on a return of this water happy waterproof water dog. Here, many will wonder about the adventurous 3-number is skipped in favor of the M4 the name-it is a Sony-things.

Sony did the attention at the launch of their mini-flagship, Z1 Compact, back in the starting 2014. All topspecifikationer was intact from the flagship, but the physical dimensions of got ratcheted down in favor of énhåndshåndtering.

Here we also saw that the subsequent heir jumped a kaldetal over, and landed on the Z3 Compact instead. Sony decides so just how far they consider their phone’s revolution for being, and name them accordingly.

The following image shows a table where the name Xperia M4 Aqua included among other Sony models. What is also noteworthy is that despite Sony not rumored to stand with a flagship for the shot, that player will still be armed with Android 5.0 Lollipop from birth.

The specifications are still unknown, but a LTE-antenna is expected in the IP68 (and maybe even higher?) approved body, which means that Xperia will be able to hold their breath in the Aqua M4 1 m depth for more than 30 minutes.