Samsung i9000 Galaxy s With Full Keyboard-The Epic 4 g

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When the Samsung Galaxy S would have enough furore, now comes the famous Smartphone with additional keyboard. Together with the American Netztbetreiber Sprint, Samsung has introduced the new flagship. In addition to the keyboard changes much in the hardware package. Nevertheless, it should occur at least felt, somewhat more nimble as the prototype. Itself works but exactly the same processor in Smartphone. Nothing will change with respect to the touch screens.


Like the Galaxy S, the newcomer in the American market with the Super presents AMOLED touch screen with a size of 4 inches, with the difference that can be side pulled out a full QWERTY keyboard. But that is not the only difference, because then the Smartphone aptly can be described rather with the

Samsung Galaxy S Pro. The name still carries another difference. The 4 G behind epic stands for the wireless technology. The network is Sprint and is based on WiMax, with up to 108 Mbit/s data transfer rate are possible. Through this interaction, there will be the Smartphone in Europe. But is it really a loss? How good is the keyboard really?

Hardware technology 1:1

Because both Android Phones offer the same features. In addition to the camera with 5 megapixels and video recording with HD quality impresses, or bribe the two models with the high-resolution display with 480 × 800 pixels. Google Android 2.1 finds himself on the two touch screen smartphones. With Google maps are the two flagships to navigation devices and there are already first accessories for the Galaxy S, as we have reported here. The Office package is not just scantily fails for both models. Open Excel and Word documents, only editing this on a cell phone is missing. The important emails can, of course, as already born and give on the way be received. With 9.9 mm falls the i9000 Galaxy S especially slender and. The additional slide-out keyboard makes it possible for the epic 4 G not really slim speak. Smooth 4 mm are beaten up and also weight technically puts the American newcomer to. Since the question of whether such a keyboard is now necessary seems quite justified. And how good is this keyboard the newbie?

Keyboard really necessary!

Basically, the keyboard is not unpopular. Just see the Vielschreibern and the lovers extensive E mail traffic will enjoy such a possibility. Good keys adapted to the finger that are downright enjoyable about the individual letters the respective finger slide are particularly important. You the epic 4 G precisely this point don’t seem to meet. Here on Our site there are deductions for the extremely low-profile keys. Thus, write with the keyboard is not just encouraged, because the keys cannot reasonably feel.

In the entry of engadget is deals not only with the keyboard, but with the overall appearance, where there is still criticism of the TouchWiz 3.0 UI. You probably would have won more if you would have dispensed with them. All in all there but to the judgment, it was one of the best smartphones. This is not really surprising, because the Samsung i9000 Galaxy S convinced at the time more than just us, even the team of FC Bayern München efreut on the Super-Smartphone. Our site – buy cell phones online Samsung Galaxy offers S with and without collective bargaining. In both cases you won’t miss probably rather the keyboard, especially if she don’t really invites you to write… Reflected in the direct comparison with the iPhone 4 here how much the Galaxy really is S. For me personally, this duel 2:1 in favour of Galaxy S goes out and keep the Super-smartphone at the top of this summer.


At the beginning of the nöächsten, there will be the Smartphone brother of the Samsung Galaxy S also at Our site. Who cannot wait for the exact release, should be free of charge find out about the release here. The only thing that is needed is an E-mail address.