Simple DIY Costumes and Decoration For the Halloween Party

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Is it really so far back?Yes, actually, it’s already back in late October.Well, just a few years ago many of us would have shrugged.There’s nothing to it.But wrong, there is a terribly beautiful feast in front of the door.One that has become increasingly popular and popular in Germany for some time now: Halloween.Even before the carnival season is re-launched, you can dress up, organize parties and somehow anything that is almost creepy, on October 31 right.Because on Halloween this is allowed.And I’m not talking about children.Why not enjoy Halloween on all trains as an adult?With a little decoration, as well as a few skillful handcuffs on the costume, you can also make a Halloween party without a big advance planning.I can tell you how this is and what Halloween is about.

1. What is Halloween?

Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve is celebrated on 31st October, the day before All Saints Day.It was probably the Celts who introduced the custom to commemorate the deceased.In this very dark and uncomfortable time large fires were fired, before which they danced wildly.To make everything more impressive, the Celts disguised themselves with animal fur.This should drive away the evil spirits.At the same time, they placed small gifts in front of their doors, in order to soothe possible demons.At some point, there was the custom of carving faces and faces in beets and placing them in the windows of their houses.This was supposed to pretend to ghosts that these houses were already occupied with other terrifying forms.

Later the famous, glowing pumpkin face developed.And today, millions of children, mostly in the US, go to the wildest door-to-door coverings every year on October 31st to beg “sweet or sour.”Whoever gives them nothing will see what he has.;) The evening sounds then with parties, which also with us more and more followers.

2. No Paneling?Last minute costumes for the Halloween party

Halloween is now also a big deal in Germany.And, if you want to celebrate the evening really great, can be quite in the money go.Especially with regard to costumes.Actually a pity, as we often tend to wear such a costume only once.It does not have to be.You can also quickly conjure up a costume that neither consumes immense money nor is very time-consuming.Here are a few variants:

DIY costume for you: Breakfast at Tiffany

This is the classic film and girl, the best is yet to come:You should have almost everything in the wardrobe for this costume anyway.And if not, then that is not wild.Because if you want to dress up as Holly Golightly from “Breakfast at Tiffany”, you get almost everything in your favorite clothes store.You need:

  • tight, black (mini) dress, large sunglasses
  • black pumps, if possible also black, long gloves
  • small diadem, of course not be genuine, necklace , earrings
  • possibly a Damenzigarette with cigarette tip

Just slip into the costume, put on the jewelry and the hair draped to the Hochsteckfrisur.You can save on Make Up.Only coat the complexion evenly, put some colorless gloss on the lips, but put a dark eyeliner across the eyes.finished!If you do not have a “little black”, you should not think about it long.If Halloween is over again, then there are many other possible uses for this dress.

DIY costume for him: Nightmare before Christmas

Do you know the cult film in which the pumpkin skeleton Jack Skellington wants a Christmas festival, the Christmas man kidnapped and makes for a rather creepy Christmas worries?Then this DIY costume is the right thing for you.To dress you up as Jack Skellington, you only need a black or gray suit, black shoes, a bright shirt and a little craftwork preparation.Because here you just have to make the white head, which is a mixture of skull and pumpkin.For the pumpkin head you need:

  • a very large balloon (bigger than your head)
  • Paper or gauze bandages, paper glue
  • white and black acrylic paint, brush or black, well-covering pen

Blow up the balloon and paste it into the paper to form a round mask (pumpkin head) that you can put on easily.On the back you leave a recess, so you get the mask better on the head and a little more fresh air inside.Allow to dry well and then slowly let the air out of the balloon.Now try to see if the mask fits well, otherwise you cut off a little.Ground the pumpkin head white and then paint with the black color the Jack Skellington face.Pictures you’ll find enough on Google.With a screwdriver you drill two holes in the eyes of the mask, after all, you should see something when you put it on.Then dress and shoes and voila, you are Jack Skellington.Simple, right?

DIY couple costume: thieves and crooks

Couple costumes are becoming increasingly popular and more elaborate.If you get an invitation to the Halloween party at the last minute, then that is no reason for despair.Dress up as a thief pair.For this you need, for Him and you, only:

  • black and white striped shirt, black trousers, black shoes
  • black gloves, black cloth, big bag, possibly hat

After you have slipped into the clothes, you bind the towels to a narrow strip and cut holes for eyes.Tying up and already the panel is almost perfect.Fill something into the beanbag, which can also be party gifts.And if you like, you can still paint or stick a big, fat dollar sign, just as you know from old movies.Finished!

3. Great DIY Halloween decoration

A Halloween party would be nothing without the appropriate decoration.And of course you can tinker them again.A few simple decoration ideas I have put together here for you.

Delicious Halloween Bowls

Great if you can eat the decoration right away!With colored chocolate you can make small bowls in the form of pumpkin faces, you need:

  • white couverture, food color in orange (or mixes it from yellow and red)
  • small balloons (water bombs)
  • dark couverture, spray bag

Blow up the balloons and place them aside.Now you melt the couverture and dye it.Caution: Now you have to cool down so far that it is still fluid but not too hot.Otherwise the balloons might burst.Then the little balloons dive into the couverture about halfway through, and put it on a baking sheet which is laid out with baking paper.If all the balloons are placed on it, place the plate in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes until the couverture is firm.Then take the balloon up between thumb and index finger and carefully put a hole inside.The air should escape slowly, so the balloon can be better removed.Now you can paint a face with dark couverture, fill in sweets and finish.

Ice cold hands

Your guests will make their eyes cool when you drink the drinks instead of ice cubes, with ice cold hands.Drink your beverages in a champagne cooler or in a large bowl or tin pan.For the ice cold hands you need then:

  • Disposable gloves
  • Water, possibly food color

Simply fill the water into the plastic gloves, make them ice and freeze in the freezer.For special effects you can add a few drops of food color.Removing, slitting the glove, and then pouring into the bottles of water, which can handle an ice-cold hand.

Monster Donut

This is also a funny decoration and a delicious snack.Decorates simple donuts with eyes and teeth:

  • Donuts, green and red chocolates, some sugar
  • Plastic bite/vampire teeth made of plastic

Put the vampire teeth in the opening of the donut and stick the chocolates as eyes with the sugar pour over it.And that was it.The fastest combination of Halloween decoration and snack you can imagine, right?

Halloween decorations are always dark fabrics, black cloths and black tulle.The fly screen for the window broke in the summer?Then it is now experiencing its revival as decoration.Draped, like the other fabrics on walls, furniture and stairs.Put small plastic spins on it.Zerambft Watte or white Engelshaar and designed so spunwebs.And from time to time, spread a pumpkin.It does not matter whether it is a Hokaido or a decorative pumpkin.Cuts eyes in toilet paper rolls, puts a kinky light in it, and hides it in the bushes.This gives a really nice gruse effect in the darkness, which did not cost you much time and money.By the way, you will also find a tutorial on how you can dress up quite spectacularly on Halloween.

And now I wish you a lot of fun with your Halloween party!Write me how you can find the ideas, which of them you implement and how your Halloween celebrates.I’m looking forward for comments!