Simyo Improves Their Rates to Speak and Surf with 100 MB More for The Same Price

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Many already were those thrown from least to Simyo, usual in the war of rates but that seemed somewhat more asleep since Orange is made with it. But today the virtual Orange has decided to give battle again and announced a widespread rise of the megas included in their rates to speak and surf.

Specifically it will be tomorrow when Simyo carries out improvement of Habla+100 MB Habla+750 MB and Habla+600MB, which rates they will take 100 MB capacity of its data bonds keeping their conditions, the first two with minimum consumption, and the last with fee, as well as the price of calls.

In this way Simyo will have a rate with 3.99 euros minimum consumption What includes 200 MB with calls to five cents per minute more 0.15 euros of call set-up with the first ten minutes between Simyo to zero cents that can meet the needs of those requiring only Internet access to social networks or WhatsApp.

850 MB in Exchange for 6.99 euros minimum consumption

But the virtual hands of Orange also improves its rate star, so far offered 750 MB free in Exchange for 6.99 euros minimum consumption, and which now passes to 850 MB for the same price with the same price for calls than the previous rate. Without a doubt a rival for rate Don’t Worry Happy mobile, which also offers 850 MB with speed reduction with one penny less per minute calls but with 8.9 euros minimum consumption.

Finally also improved single rate fee, that has so far offered 600 MB for 4.9 euros and from tomorrow will feature 700 MB. In this case calls if that is cheaper with respect to the rates with minimum consumption, until the two cents per minute more 0.15 euros from establishment to any national destination.

Returning to rates of Simyo as one of the most attractive on the market for those who give more importance to the data than to the voice in their rate and improvements as the only handicap featuring the collection of three cents per mega if you exceed the data in any of the above mentioned rates.