“Siri, Announces The Arrival of 5 IOS, ICloud and IPhone 4S”, Campus Cupertino


Finally comes the week of the release of iOS 5 and iCloud, which caused one of the biggest moments of traffic never seen Apple servers, causing some other problem to update. While that time, came in Applesfera I had some news of the new operating system during the week: customizations, hidden options, integration with Twitter, the 10 most important news… All so that you may know more thoroughly what offer us Apple in this new version.

ICloud launch was also an important fact in the Apple world this week and I had to restore from the cloud, migrate existing MobileMe account to iCloud, as well as a magnificent entrance on the correct configuration of the service. That without taking a look at the new features of the iPhone 4S, that more quietly has become the Apple product in its history during a day of launch, their magnificent performance tests and their odious comparisons with the competition.

During the week I also taught the new JBL wireless speakers for devices iOS, really beautiful, a great application for iPad called Back in Time to learn about the history of the universe, the highly anticipated iPad version of Facebook and a small support so you can help your children to go to sleep. In our video section, I showed them how to make a chroma key iMovie with Demon Cam ’ 11.

A complete week within the iOS world that, as you can see, these last seven days it has almost completely renovated. And that he has not yet reached Siri, the Assistant by voice of the new iPhone 4S that is charming to the international press. Greetings from the iOS world, enjoy the weekend!