Skylanders and Its Figurines Will Land on Android with Trap Team

If you have followed today in the world of video games recently, you know that Activision has become strong, and gold with children thanks to Skylanders. A franchise with a good idea but that at first no one gambled on it. A game that worked with a series of plastic figures as characters? It not only worked, it swept away.

After several deliveries for video game consoles, now is the turn that the creatures of the world of Skylanders jump to a different screen. Fact: our Android devices. From October 2 will be able to buy the starter pack of Skylanders Trap Team for our gadgets with Google’s operating system.

A video game console in our Android

For those who do not know this franchise, it’s a series of action games and platforms in third person where we control a series of fantasy characters. Each of them has a representation in the form of physical figure and to use them in our game we will have to buy the piece of plastic in question and put it on a basis that it will send the information of the creature game.

This proposal has been moved as such to Android. A complete game where we put figures on top of a pedestal Bluetooth that will allow you to play with different characters, save the game, etc. We can play with touch controls or with a bluetooth remote control that comes with the pack that will be on sale in less than two months.

The curious thing about this game is that you will format and price of a console game. I.e., do not wait see this title for three euros in Google Play and then buy the figurines at video game stores. No, will be sold in a physical package at a price of 56 euros. Activision has promised that such is the game and that there will be no cuts in terms of content, items, maps, etc..

We will see what such the move out them, but the proposal is very daring. Will it be the people willing to pay almost 60 euros for a game designed for Android? I have my doubts and although safe that the franchise will reap success on consoles, I do not know whether on mobile devices (also go for iOS) will be a difficult traverse wall.