So Many Millions Have 29-Year-Old Earned on Wordfeud

A 29 year old Norwegian it developer has earned the entire 17.6 million Norwegian kroner in one mobile games in 2011.

In January told ComOn about the Norwegian it developer Håkon Bertheussen, who has become a millionaire on the mobile game Wordfeud.

In the month of January was the game downloaded more than 12 million times, and now writes our site, to the 29 year old has earned 17.6 million Norwegian kroner on the game last year. This corresponds to an average of 47,400 crowns a day.

Wordfeud is available in two versions – a free version with ads in the game and a pay version, where you drop completely to see the advertisements.

It expected earnings in 2012 will be even greater after Håkon Bertheussen in January told he earned more than 60,000 dollars a day on Wordfeud alone.