South Africa As a Destination Country

South Africa

South Africa brings the possibilities and experiences of the whole continent to the tourist.

A distant destination of dreams

According to countryaah, South Africa is a country of nearly 50 million residents, located, as the name implies, in the southern part of the African continent. The atmosphere of the country is a charming mix of Africa and Europe.

Tourists to South Africa are brought to the magnificent Cape Town as well as safaris in the Kruger National Park, which are the fulfillment of many tourists ’dreams.

South Africa 2

South Africa is known for its good food and excellent wine culture. The wine is of course worth tasting in the most famous wine regions of the country, such as Stellenbosch or Franschhoek.

For a safari or city break

In South Africa, you can enjoy both the enchantment of safari tours and the pulse of the big city. The traveler is offered a rare opportunity to get to know the wildlife in their natural habitats, while spending well-deserved holidays shopping or enjoying the delicacies of the restaurants.

In South Africa, the climate is almost ideal: you can bask in the sun while enjoying the sandy beach or honing the swing on the golf course. The holiday can be taken either casually or filled with activities – the country has a great setting for golfing, hiking and cycling, among other things. The rugged mountains provide a setting for a variety of adventure sports.

Good to know about South Africa

South Africa is suitable for all types of tourists – the diverse country offers coastal scenery, the pulse of the cities and of course the stunning nature and wildlife. Tourists interested in wine and cane will also fall in love with South Africa.

The price level in South Africa is affordable for Finns.

Despite the relatively high crime rate, South Africa is a safe tourist destination for travelers who exercise normal caution. You shouldn’t be stupid – you should avoid moving alone late in the evening, keep your doors locked when driving and you shouldn’t carry valuables with you.

The seasons in South Africa are the opposite of those in Finland. The country has a pleasant climate suitable for holidays all year round. During the winter months, the nights can be cool, which should be taken into account when planning your trip. The busiest tourist season is December-January.

Minors traveling to South Africa must carry a birth certificate from 1 June 2015. If a minor travels to South Africa without one or both guardians, the guardian’s written consent to the trip must also be presented at the border.


Flying to your destination

A few Finnish tour operators offer package tours to South Africa. In general, South Africa’s travel offerings are focused on safaris and tours.

There are no direct flights from Finland to South Africa. A self-employed traveler can fly to Johannesburg or Cape Town via, for example, England, Germany or France. Round-trip flights usually cost just over 1,000 euros.

Many prices for accommodation

Short for SF by abbreviationfinder, South Africa offers everything from luxury international hotels to affordable inns and hostels. In Finnish terms, the country’s price level is affordable. A very good standard hotel room can be obtained for around 100 euros, while mid-priced hotels as well as budget accommodation are naturally cheaper options.

Even on safaris, accommodation is available for a variety of budgets. A holidaymaker looking for luxury will not have to compromise on the savannahs either, as safari travelers will find delightful boutique-style accommodation.

During the busiest travel time at the turn of the year, it is advisable to book hotel rooms well in advance.

Moving around South Africa

South Africa has well-functioning bus and rail networks that make it possible to travel from one place to another. Small towns can be reached on foot or even by bicycle, while large towns are served by public transport.

South African Airways operates domestic flights if you are not attracted to walking along them. However, flights to South Africa are quite expensive.

Car rental is popular in South Africa – for example, the Garden Route, one of the most famous attractions in the country, is great for driving. The roads are mostly in good condition, but there are a lot of traffic accidents. Distances between major cities should be taken into account when planning a trip, as it takes about 15 hours from Cape Town to Johannesburg, for example.

The tourist should take special care as there is left hand traffic in South Africa. You should also watch out for animals jumping.

South Africa