Sparkles Candles: the Trend that Will Make Your Wedding Shine

We always look for novelties for a special and unique occasion – and the more light and life we ​​bring to the event, the more unforgettable it will be. Therefore, a trend for wedding ceremonies are the sparkling candles, which sparkle, produce a lot of sparkle and bring total joy to this important moment! Want to know more about this wave? Keep reading!

What Are And How To Use The Sparkles Candles?

The sparkle candles have been replacing, more and more, the traditional rice that was thrown in the exit of the ceremony in honor of the grooms. Today, both grooms and churches prefer candles – throwing rice is a waste of food, and candles are more practical for cleaning the place, especially if there is another ceremony right after. An American fashion, the sparkle candles gain more and more space, not only in Brazil, but worldwide.

The sparkle candle is formed by a small rod made of wire and with gunpowder at its tip, which releases sparks imitating stars when lit, suggesting an explosion of happiness to the couple. They are widely used in cakes and by guests at birthdays.

Upon arrival at the wedding, the candles are distributed to the guests by a ceremonialist, and should be ready to light them as soon as the ceremony is over, when the bride and groom walk down the catwalk. Without causing smoke or smell, the sparkle candle light lasts for about three minutes. In addition to the end of the party, the candles can also be used on the wedding cake.

The Beautiful Effect Sparkles Create On Photos

The sparkle candles have a spectacular effect on the photos – they, after all, create a sparkling rain effect, as if they were a drizzle, brightening and brightening the scene and, in addition, serving as background, decorating aids.

There is a range of candles sparkles in the most varied colors, for all tastes! One example is the sparkles of yellowish color, which creates a golden, charming and elegant environment. For those who like colorful, a great new feature is the beautiful sparkles in 3D – they emit seven colors, imitating a rainbow, but require the use of a special glasses so you can see the effect of the color junction.

The Special Care That Sparkles Require

Caution is always little when it comes to fire! And with the sparkle candle, it can not be any different. The person in charge of the event should advise the guests to light it only after finishing the ceremony, holding it at the end of the staff and raising a hand – thus, in addition to preventing any spark from touching his own face, incidents with others are also prevented invited guests.

It is also very important to make it clear that sparkling candles should never reach children’s hands, so that dangerous accidents are avoided.