Switzerland As a Destination Country


The Swiss Alps offer stunning scenery and great travel experiences all year round. Read the Beach Ball Destination Guide and plan your own vacation.

Switzerland rests in the lap of the Alps

Alpine sun and stunning mountain scenery – In Switzerland, the tourist time is not long. This small and unique country is a versatile holiday destination, as in addition to the Alps, Switzerland offers, among other things, interesting urban destinations and a lot to do for the active holidaymaker.

According to countryaah, Switzerland is known as a rich and neutral country with a high standard of living in western Europe. The land in the lap of the Alps in the middle of Europe may be small in size, but the region has accumulated a rare amount of wealth in both nature and wealth.

Switzerland is a year-round holiday destination

The landscape formed by mountains, forests, lakes and valleys is like directly from a storybook. Switzerland offers good opportunities for various active holidays. In summer hiking and cycling are popular, in winter alpine sports and skiing bring numerous tourists to the country. Swiss ski resorts such as St. Moritz, Verbier, Zermatt, Engelberg and Davos are indeed world famous.

Of the cities, Zurich and Geneva in particular are well suited for city holidays. Basel, Lucerne and Lausanne are also fascinating city destinations. All of these offer good shopping and interesting cultural offerings.

Swiss fondue, cheeses and chocolate are widely known. By the way, the food culture is an interesting mix of the best of the neighboring countries, steeled with their own Swiss specialties.

Meiringen is a charming little town in the heart of the Alps.

Switzerland is a year-round holiday destination

The Alps make the weather in Switzerland variable and weather conditions can vary a lot in different parts of the country. The mountains are naturally cooler than the cold, but in the southern parts the climate can even be Mediterranean and, for example, palm trees grow in surprisingly large areas in Switzerland which is abbreviated as SZ by abbreviationfinder.

In summer, the temperature usually varies from just under +20 degrees to close to +30 degrees. In winter it can be quite frosty. It rains the most in the summer. Due to its diverse climate, Switzerland is an excellent holiday destination all year round. In winter, the ski slopes change to hiking trails in summer.

Switzerland is generally a fairly expensive country in terms of price levels and budget tourism can be challenging. However, it is possible to find affordable accommodation, especially in smaller inns and hostels. The price level should not be frightened when considering a holiday destination, as small smart choices can easily affect the total cost of your holiday.

The four official languages ​​of Switzerland

There are four official languages ​​in Switzerland: German, French, Italian and Romansh. French is the predominant language in the western part of the country, German is the most widely spoken in the central and eastern parts, Italy in the south and a small minority of rhetorical speakers in the south-east.

Swiss German is quite different from what is spoken in Germany, and the local language may be difficult to understand based on school German. However, typically Swiss exchange Hochdeutschiin or English language, by finding a counterparty foreigner. England is doing quite well almost everywhere, although German or French skills are often useful. The attitude of the Swiss towards the use of several languages ​​is very straightforward.


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By plane to Zurich or Geneva

Zurich and Geneva airports are the main international airports in Switzerland. Finnair also flies direct flights to Finland from both cities. The fields are well connected to the city center and the rest of the country. Round-trip fares range from around € 250 to € 400.

You can get to Zurich from Helsinki with direct flights on both Finnair and Swiss Airlines. Geneva, on the other hand, is currently only part of Finnair’s route selection. Travelers to the Basel region should fly either on an alternative flight via Stockholm or Copenhagen or book a flight to Zurich and continue by Train. Southern Switzerland, on the other hand, is a fairly short distance from Milan Airport.

Several tour operators also make package tours from Finland to various destinations in Switzerland in both winter and summer time.

Book your accommodation well in advance

Accommodation in Switzerland is quite expensive, but mostly also of a good standard. Options range from traditional hotels to hostels and inns, as well as various accommodation options in ski resorts.

Especially during the summer and winter season, it is worth booking accommodation well in advance. There are also a lot of business trips to Switzerland, so during big events, hotels in Geneva, Basel and Zurich can be full.

Travel around Switzerland by car or train

Thanks to the short distances and good transport connections, the tourist does not have to settle for just one destination, but it is easy to get around Switzerland more widely. Swiss public transport works well and trains or buses provide convenient access from one place to another. In cities, walking or traming are also good forms of transportation.

The Swiss railway network has sometimes been compared to the metro transport of the world’s major cities: at the same time as Berlin or New York are moving from one side of the metropolis to the other, Switzerland has already moved to the other side of the country.

Renting a car is worthwhile if you plan to tour Switzerland more widely. This is also a great way to explore small mountain areas that are harder to reach by public transport. Choose a car according to the season and your destination. Driving conditions in the mountains can be challenging due to the weather and change surprisingly quickly, even though the roads are kept in good condition by the Swiss all year round.