The Apple iCar Will Be Teased in the Fictional Campaign Video

The Apple iCar are given, of course, an introductory video, but already now have a prankster made its bid on a parodied version

The last few months there have been rumors that Apple will make an electric car. Last week wrote the American news media Bloomberg, that the whole thing is not only imagination but that Apple actually work against a real product, ready for launch in 2020.

What is up and down, by quite a few people, but when Apple displays new products is often a video that tells about the benefits and unique features. A satirist called “AJ +” has therefore made its bid on where such a campaign video will look like.

AJ + plays the lead role as Apple’s chief designer, Jony Ive, and Apple must stand for target practice for many teasing in the 2 minutes short teaser video. We will not reveal anything, but the video gets about one part unfortunate Apple epidsoder.