The Best Autumn Destinations

Dodecanese Islands - Pleasant climate and empty beaches

Do you want to treat yourself to a nice beach vacation in autumn? Then you should take a look at the following travel destinations – summer temperatures await you in these places even in September and October!

The summer is unfortunately already coming to an end and the tan is slowly starting to fade – but that is by no means a reason to be in a bad mood! You can simply extend the summer – there are many travel destinations that still offer pleasant temperatures in autumn. In this article I’ll tell you where you can still enjoy a nice beach vacation in September and October.

Turkey – autumn vacation for little money

The Turkey is a popular holiday destination in summer and attracts many tourists every year. But during the main season, temperatures over 40 degrees prevail on the Turkish Riviera and the humidity can also be a problem. That is why cities like Belek, Antalya or Side are almost better suited for an autumn vacation. In October, temperatures drop to around 30 degrees and the water is still a comfortable 23 degrees. In addition, the resorts are no longer so full and you will find numerous cheap offers. So you can revive the summer for little money and relax on deserted beaches!

Balearic Islands – Quiet beaches and delicious food

According to, the Balearic Islands are one of the most popular summer travel destinations in Europe and offer beautiful beaches that are often quite crowded. Especially party strongholds such as Ibiza and Mallorca are a magnet for tourists in the high season. In autumn, however, the islands slowly calm down, because the parties end around mid-September. If you travel to the Balearic Islands after August, you don’t have to worry about loud party people. Instead of watching over-motivated young people drinking a beer, you can relax on the beach and feast in the numerous tapas bars.

Sardinia – The Caribbean of Europe

Sardinia still attracts in autumn with pleasant temperatures of up to 25 degrees and inspires with its incredible beauty. It is not for nothing that the Italian island in the Mediterranean is referred to as the Caribbean of Europe, because here you will find numerous immaculate beaches with powdered sugar-white sand. Especially on the Costa Smeralda you will find many beautiful bays that are almost deserted in autumn. In addition to great beaches, there are also many small towns and nature parks that are worth discovering. The best thing to do is to take a rental car and go on a short tour – so you don’t miss any highlights!

Canaries – The islands of eternal spring

Sardinia - The Caribbean of Europe

The Canary Islands in Spain are perfect for those seeking peace and quiet and nature lovers. On islands like Tenerife, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria , temperatures of up to 28 degrees and great natural landscapes await you in autumn that will leave you speechless. Regardless of whether you are lying on the beach or want to try out action-packed outdoor activities – there is something for every taste! Party-mad people get their money’s worth on Gran Canaria, for example, while La Gomera is a hiking paradise. If you have a little more time, you can discover all seven islands for yourself while island hopping!

United Arab Emirates – Midsummer in Autumn

Sardinia - The Caribbean of Europe

If you want to really have midsummer again and are ready to pay a little more, you should go to Dubai or Abu Dhabi . In the United Arab Emirates you can expect temperatures of up to 40 degrees and an average of 10 hours of sunshine a day in autumn. There you can really freshen up your tan again. If it gets a bit too hot for you in between, the numerous air-conditioned shopping malls invite you to cool off. Here then only the credit card glows! In the United Arab Emirates you can combine a beach vacation with a city trip and extend your summer!

Sicily – perfect for a fall trip

With over 25,000 square kilometers, Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean – so there is of course a lot to discover here. While the summers on the Italian island are very hot and dry, the months of September and October are ideal for a trip. So you can discover historic cities like Palermo or Catania at pleasant temperatures of around 28 degrees and relax on the beaches in between.

Dodecanese Islands – Pleasant climate and empty beaches

Dodecanese Islands - Pleasant climate and empty beaches

The Greek Dodecanese Islands are still worth a trip in autumn. At a pleasant 26 degrees you can discover beautiful islands such as Kos, Rhodes and Patmos for you and you don’t have to fear crowds. On the islands there is still normal bathing activity in the months of September and October and the hotels are much cheaper in the off-season – so you can save a lot!

Off on vacation!

In these places you can still expect a pure summer feeling in autumn – so you can keep your tan a little longer and stock up on vitamin D for the cold months. By the way, on my blog you will regularly find great holiday offers for the cold months. Just browse through – maybe there is something for you!