The Power of Silk Pillowcase: True or False?

We all know the myth of silk pillowcase. It is the secret weapon of the dream of beauty, preserving our precious bursts touch and skin ultra smooth. As a follower of fashion and beauty, I decided it was time to change my old cotton pillow case for something a little more luxury.

But before choosing a silk pillow case, you have to do some research because not all silks are the same. On the one hand, it is important that the cover is 100% natural silk, because often artificial silks. Another thing is to choose a pillow case made of long fiber silk mulberry, since it is the softer, more elegant. It is a bit expensive, but it is worth. If pillowcases of silk are looking at does not say it is made of silk, mulberry, you should seek a different cover. Why is that? There are other types of silk that are rough and thick upholstery and wallpaper are used for other things than pillowcases of silk, for example. It is not the type of fabric you want next to your skin.


Like many women, I want to make my new style of smooth or curly hair last more days as possible. After a week of testing, silk provides a positive change to the texture of my hair. There was much less twists and hair loose in my hair, which is surprising because I have thick hair, curly, that frizzes, for any reason (or no reason) at all. The softness of the silk means less abrasion in the hair. Translation: there is no harm! “” Much more produced friction while moving at night, the most abused his hair can be “, says Eric Spengler resident Living proof hair scientist.” In addition, if you sweat, silk won’t give you the wrong kind of the head of the bed with those glitches.” And perhaps time is everything in micabeza, but I felt like cooling effect of silk so not sudo on those nights that makes heat. In the end, is a real change to my hair.

Always see people sleeping in train with visible facial folds caused by pressure from the pillowcase from algodon.y you know that the pligues from one place on the face that lasts long enough can cause deep wrinkles which do not disappear, and is difficult to remove, it’s something very horrible for women. Unlike cotton pillow cases, Silk Pillow cases will not cause wrinkles on the face. That’s where a silk pillow case was more fruitful, since I have no a fold on my face, demonstrating its effectiveness in combating anti-aging, I am well aware of the fact that the sleeve silk can iron the wrinkles on the skin, so I’m very excited for this new discovery of silk pillowcase.

In addition, silk pillow covers are naturally hypoallergenic and mites resistant to cotton dust. That is good news for allergy patients or those sensitive to dust.

Another great thing: not only did make my face feel less bloated, but it also helped to reduce the redness of the skin, after the first days, my skin was much more soft and tender.

Finally, a silk pillow case is an absolute necessity for any woman, or rather any person on the planet.