The Sale of Devices IOS Already Outperforms Macs, Campus Cupertino


Today we begin the review of the iOS world that we offer from Applesfera talking about The Tiny Bang Story HD, a super adventure game that we analyze in depth along with euphoria HD, which we sold as relaxing even though we did not seem to him we both. We also talked about MeetMeApp, an interesting application to find our friends with customizable interface and even mini-games by Geolocation. If what you like is to travel, keep The promises us a spectacular travel for iPad guides.

For those who decide to stay at home, with 8-Bitty will remember the classic consoles gamepad from years ago, offered by the people of iCade. Meanwhile, Siri begins to prepare for the arrival of its Japanese version, Apple warns developers about the bots of download in the App Store, and Slim Pack will give us an extra battery integrated in a cover for iPhone 4 and 4S.

No doubt the news of the week in the Mac world has been the announcement of Mountain Lion, the next OS X, with features that we already know in iOS. As messages, an app for Mac available in beta that will allow us to communicate with devices iOS with iMessage. Also this week we begin a course of photography with iPhone, and we learn why Apple is setting both on the success of iOS: already have been sold more devices with iOS than Macs in its entire history. We do not forget also our section of games for iOS, Arcadesfera and prepare for the arrival of iOS 5.1 and its new features very soon. Pass good week!